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Added  Feb 23 2024
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all possible trouble shooting have been applied but the vacum pressure error still exist

RE: Mindray - BC-10
Added  Feb 21 2024
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Where can I find a service manual for the BS-480 chemistry analyzer?

Equipment: BS-480

RE: Mindray - BS-480
Added  Feb 21 2024
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I am looking for the pdf version of the Envoy 500+ Chemistry analyzer. where can i find this please?

Equipment: envoy 500+

RE: Vital Diagnostics - Envoy 500
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We have a 4K15 that is a little to sensitive to imbalance.

It can deal with 5g fine but at 10g it warns for imbalance and stops. I would like to get it to 10g is ok but maybe 15g is not ok. Is there instructions for changing the sensitivity?

Can i do it in menues or do i have to get in to the sensor? Getting in to the sensor is so much work on these centrifuges.

RE: Sartorius - SIGMA 4-15 4K15
Updated  Feb 14 2024
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how to download Sysmex- XS 500i user manual

RE: Sysmex - XS 500i
Updated  Feb 14 2024
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how to download Humax 4K user manual pdf

Equipment: Human Diagnostics - Humax 4K

RE: Human Diagnostics - Humax 4K
Updated  Feb 13 2024
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Error 91

Equipment: Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP 5

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP 5
Updated  Feb 9 2024
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Hi, everyone.

I'm trying to repair the screen of one of this units. I noted some lines on the board of the screen that was broken, so I fixed it and changed the fuse. The result is, the screen turn on and receives and show data, but it doesnt look good. I tried a few things but the result is the same. So I was wondering if this problem comes from the main pc board of the unit. Anyone can help?

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP E300
Added  Feb 8 2024
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Hello, trying to find a service manual for an Avanti J-E centrifuge to view the spindle parts breakdown. 



Equipment: Beckman Avanti J-E

RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
Updated  Feb 7 2024
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Busy signal appeared whenever it is used and Circuit error shown

Equipment: Draeger - JM-105

RE: Draeger - JM-105

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