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Added  Jun 8 2023
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One night our machine failed to started because of Paraffin not melted message.  The Paraffin at the time was mostly melted.  The person starting the machine left tissue in the retort and left the lid slightly ajar and the handle in the locked position.  In the morning, the paraffin solidified in all four stations.  Shouldn't the paraffin stay heated with the machine on?  Has anyone encountered this issue?

Equipment: Sakura - TISSUE-TEK VIP 6

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Please slove this problem 

Equipment: Horiba Medical - Pentra 400

RE: Horiba Medical - Yumizen H500
Updated  Jun 2 2023
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I have replaced the Locking Assembly and the Main Board

Still getting E 53 after the lid is closed and locked into place

Anyone ever have this issue?

RE: Beckman Coulter - Microfuge 20
Added  Jun 1 2023
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On the Levey Jennings charts, are the limit lines 2SD or 3SD?

RE: Sysmex - XP-300
Updated  Jun 1 2023
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Give me in display no soft and not working  

Equipment: Hermle - Z206-A

RE: Hermle - Z206-A
Updated  May 31 2023
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Manual for ABBOT 3531

Equipment: Abbott - 3531

RE: Abbott - 3531
Added  May 28 2023
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could you please provide the heat dissipation value for this mode?

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Dual Compartment Warming Cabinets
Updated  May 28 2023
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A warning popped out that

 ‘0.1s Motor start 04 busy.01’ and i can’t use my mouse even my keyboard to exit it

Equipment: Sinothinker - SK8800

RE: Sinothinker - SK8800
Added  May 27 2023
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Unit passes initialization and is able to run samples. Fails start up every time. There is a "Mech error: Motor Syringe gap".... Anyone encountered this and remedied? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Equipment: Abbott - CELL-DYN Emerald

RE: Abbott - CELL-DYN Emerald 22
Added  May 21 2023
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Ola amigos, falo do Brasil, obrigado pelas informações do forum, me ajudaram muito.

É possivel imprimir com uma impressora externa, desde ja agradeço.

RE: BioSystems - BTS 310

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