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Added  Jul 23 2021
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Hello I have a problem with this equipment because the chambers are more cold that the display temperature. So. i need to do the calibration. Somebody know this procedure? Thank you

Updated  Jul 22 2021
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My centrifuge is displaying error 1 frequently

RE: Nuve - NF 1200/1200R
Updated  Jul 22 2021
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Cutting microtome calibrator needed

RE: ARKRAY USA - Aution Hybrid AU-4050
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Does anyone have instructions on alignment of the temperature control/display on the Lachat BD-46 block digester?

RE: Hach Company - BD-46
Added  Jul 18 2021
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i need the password of bts 310 besr regard

RE: BioSystems - BTS 310
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Please let me know how we can estimate Urine micro albumin and Urine creatinine using EM200. Are reagents available for this? Is there any precaution to be taken when we use urine as sample in EM200 machine?

RE: Transasia - ERBA EM 200
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dear sir i have the 3 unit from sakura tissue tek prisma pluse and film and drs2000 i need the operating and service manual and i need consumable as roll film and strainer and other please advice best regards

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Prisma/Film
Added  Jul 12 2021
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Seimens Immulite One

RE: Siemens - Immulite One
Updated  Jul 9 2021
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Getinge 9100E series Looking for the 8 inch hose that vents to moisture out of the building. Getinge has a 3 week lead time. Anyone know of a parts supplier? Thanks. Mike

RE: Getinge - 9100

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