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Added  May 11 2021
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YD Diagnostics - URiSCAN Optima II
what do we do to do this.

RE: YD Diagnostics - URiSCAN Optima II
Updated  May 11 2021
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Iris International - StatSpin Express 2
Does anyone know the ramp up/down time in seconds for the StatSpin2?

RE: Iris International - StatSpin Express 2
Updated  May 10 2021
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Human Diagnostics - HumaCount 5D
Please, send me service manual of HumaCount 5D in PDF format. Thanks.

RE: Human Diagnostics - HumaCount 5D
Added  May 8 2021
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BioSystems - BTS 350
Hello I wish to send data to the biosystem BTS-350 and recieve data from it when it completesthe test to my system directly using a programming language is that possible ?? does it support ASTM or not ??? is there any communication pdf manual??

RE: BioSystems - BTS 350
Added  May 8 2021
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Genrui Biotech  - KT-6400
Hello, Can anyone help out with the user and service manual for this product. (Genrui kt6400) Thanks in advance.

RE: Genrui Biotech - KT-6400
Added  May 8 2021
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Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-900
How can I download pdf manual

RE: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-900
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Nanosonics - Trophon EPR
What is the process for cleaning the Trophon 2 unit itself? I read mild soapy water , but also read disinfecting wipes. How often do you use the mild soapy water and how often do you disinfect the outside and inside of the unit? Also, how do you open the unit once you have turned if off and it has cool down?

RE: Nanosonics - Trophon EPR
Updated  May 6 2021
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STERIS - Reliance Ultrasonic Cleaning System
I really need a user Manual for this machine...Can anyone Link me?

RE: STERIS - Reliance Ultrasonic Cleaning System
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Nikon Instruments - SMZ 645
Nikon smz645 Stereo Microscope Are there replacement parts available from 3rd parties for these units. Has anyone had experience taking these apart and fixing them?

RE: Nikon Instruments - SMZ 645
Updated  May 4 2021
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Vital Diagnostics - Eon 300

RE: Vital Diagnostics - Eon 300

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