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Added  Sep 28 2022
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I forgot the test cups for LH kit of 100 test at room temperature for 3 days. Shall I use it to test patient s or it is no longer valid. Thanks

Equipment: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-1800

RE: Tosoh Bioscience - AIA-1800
Added  Sep 27 2022
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Hi, could anyone tell me how many volts should arrive on the reactor (heater) ? Thanks!

Equipment: Sysmex XT-1800i/XT-2000i

Added  Sep 26 2022
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hi, we lost the hard disk with the system. could you help us with the software? i've XS-1000i Thanks

RE: Sysmex - XS-1000i
Added  Sep 26 2022
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What's rotor radius please? I can't find it.

RE: Thermo Scientific - Jouan BB/BBVV/BB3V
Added  Sep 25 2022
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Dear all Biomedical Eng. I need your help obtaining the User name & Password to login into service software of the cryostat Thank you

Equipment: Leica Biosystems - CM1950

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1950
Added  Sep 23 2022
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Can I export results from your machine to some format I can read into Microsoft excel?

Equipment: Sysmex - XT 4000i

RE: Sysmex - XT 4000i
Added  Sep 22 2022
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Please tell me how to turn on this machine

RE: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - VITROS 350
Updated  Sep 22 2022
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Please tell me how to turn on vitros 350

RE: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - VITROS 350
Updated  Sep 21 2022
3 Replies

I got these rattling sound whenever I turned-on the unit. And the black rollers does not turn. It looks like the motor, or a stuck-up motor. I need the service manual with exploded view of the parts. I hope you could provide me with it. Thanks guys.


RE: Siemens - Hematek 3000 System
Added  Sep 20 2022
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Hello, There is a problem with the MR-96A analyzer, Error says Light Source is too Weak! What steps we should take to fix this issue?

Equipment: Mindray - MR-96A

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