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Added  Nov 27 2021
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Parts of centrifuge machine

RE: Hettich - EBA 200
Added  Nov 26 2021
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Hi, I have one question. I need to connect many Mindray - BC-10 with one printer by the network can anyone help me

RE: Mindray - BC-10
Updated  Nov 25 2021
Added  Nov 24 2021
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I have replaced a broken gas spring for the Rotina 420 and now the lid will not remain in the up right position. Has anyone experienced this problem?

RE: Hettich - ROTINA 420/420R
Updated  Nov 22 2021
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Where can I find service manual?

RE: Leica Biosystems - EG 1160
Added  Nov 20 2021
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Hi everyone. Does anyone have some qc format for XT-1800i?

RE: Sysmex - XT-1800i
Updated  Nov 19 2021
8 Replies

open door alarm won't stop even when the door are closed. it's a sorvall RC6 any advice? How to open the door? I turned it off and turned on still cant open door.

RE: Sorvall - RC 6 Plus
Added  Nov 19 2021
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electric diagram

RE: Hettich - EBA 21
0 Replies

error 406 shuter , Ld bad signal

RE: Roche - Reflotron Plus

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