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Added  Jun 4 2023
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Good day. How can I get my machine and probes insured in case of breakage? I reside in South Africa. 

Thank you!

Equipment: Medison - MySono U5

RE: Medison - MySono U5
Added  Jun 2 2023
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my injector is showing error syringe holder

Equipment: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT

RE: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT
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anyone knows a workaround for connecting system to a hidden WiFi network, the SSID field in Wireless Network Config is grayed out. and I can see 128 different WiFi devices in the list of network

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Elite MiniView
Updated  Jun 2 2023
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Does anybody know what the difference is between R6.0.4 and R6.0.5 software? I'm trying to ascertain whether the difference is in bug fixing or probe support.

Thanks in advance.

RE: GE Healthcare - Logiq e
Added  Jun 2 2023
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j'ai le message d'erreur :" Refuse to save resources because error in load" qu'est ce que ça veut dire svp ?

RE: GE Healthcare - LOGIQ 3
Updated  May 31 2023
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  • Red blinking continuously on the User Interface Board ,  connection not make between  NX workstation and Digtizer . I have changed FireWire Cable but still not working. In the PMI board led from the +12VOPT to the  +5VPMT, only +12V_CAN and +8VDSP led is on. Do I have to change PMI board or PMI power distribution board ? Please anyone help me in what to do next.

Equipment: Agfa CR 30-X

RE: AGFA - CR 30-X
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Did anyone try to wrench the OEC Fluorostar 7900 to WLAN, I understand this is some form of  UNIX OS running this system, may need to use some kind of MOXA WiFi Bridge from LAN port due to compability with future repair/upgrade/resets etc. I m trying connect to Worklist and  DICOM RDSR to  Sectra DoseTrack.

RE: GE Healthcare - OEC Fluorostar 7900
Updated  May 31 2023
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Our machine wont bootup completly it begins to boot the software after the windows begin " PCIe Redriver Timeout! " Shows up and will abort to complete the software and windows shut down by it self.  i  do have GC200372-20 SW USB .

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Vivid E95

RE: GE Healthcare - Vivid E95
Added  May 29 2023
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what does this error mean

Equipment: Fujifilm - FCR XG-1

RE: Fujifilm - FCR XG5000
Updated  May 29 2023
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Good morning

I am looking for a hard disk (barracuda ATA III) model ST320414A (20.4Gbyts) with pre-installed software PEGASYS 4.2 for a Forte Dual Head Camera


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