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Added  Dec 8 2023
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Dear Sir, 

I want to buy Nicolet Endeavor CR/IOM or Nicolet EDX IOM(16 chanel). I will order to Georgia. Could you please give me info about price,delivery and payment method for each machine.

Adress; Batum, khimshiashvili N:7, Orbi city, Room Number 1148, Georgia

Equipment: Natus - Nicolet EDX

RE: Natus - Nicolet EDX
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How do I Switch Language on Philips IntelliVue X2?

RE: Philips - IntelliVue X2
Updated  Dec 3 2023
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My ICU unit just got Carescape B650 monitors and my colleagues and I can’t for the life of us figure out how to change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Help?! Thanks!!

RE: GE HealthCare - CARESCAPE B650
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We have acquired a Viasys VmaxEncore but the electro-chemical O2 sensor (SMC REORDER 776206) recently does not run. I would like one. Do you sell it? Do you can send it to North Carolina, USA? Thank you for your attention, regards!

Equipment: Viasys - Vmax Encore

RE: Viasys - Vmax Encore
Updated  Nov 29 2023
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i have connex spot with error massage 00001. i tried to start up the unit but it keeps power on and give this error code. please advise.

RE: Welch Allyn - 73MT-B
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Does anyone know where I can just order specially the paper guide for the Philips Avalon FM50 fetal monitors? I know the paper guide comes in the "FM small parts kit- plastic parts and labels," but I don't need all the other parts in the kit, plus it can add up when I need like ten paper guides. Philips doesn't sell the paper guide individually.

FM Small Parts Kit - Plastic Parts and Labels

Item #19 in the service manual.

Page 81 in the manual, page 91 when printing.

RE: Philips - Avalon FM40 and FM50
Updated  Nov 21 2023
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I been trying get technical support nellcor number. I have tried putting code in but they are not working.

Equipment: Covidien - Nellcor PM100N

RE: Covidien - Nellcor PM100N
Added  Nov 21 2023
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Does anyone know if there is a PM schedule on these Philips SPO2 modules, M1020B?  If so, does anyone have service documentation I can present to my boss for it?

RE: Philips - M1020B Nellcor Oximax
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Hi guys I have this dt-5000 module and wish to know how to find out the broadcasting frequency to add it to a central monitoring station. It has no label with the frequency. And I don’t know if the visa central station have an option to scan for compatible transmitters ? Or is it maybe coded in an internal label ?  Any suggestion  is welcome 

RE: Datascope - Visa II

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