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Added  May 15 2022
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When the unit usinge the battrey power the unit does not switch off at all untill disconnet the battrey?

RE: Cardioline - Delta 1 plus
Updated  May 13 2022
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Hi, I am new to CO2 MMS. Can you give me suggestions where a vacuum leak might commonly be? I believe its in the soleniod, is it repairable/refurbishable? I've taken apart the solenoid and pulled/extended the spring to give more tension to rest on the valve? Didn't help. I've check all other seals and o-ring but they seem okay. My tester is good and the hoses hook up directly to the assembly.

RE: Philips - M3015A CO2 MMS Module
Added  May 8 2022
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Does any one know passpords for biocare PM-900 reset factory and maintenance

RE: Biocare - PM-900
Updated  May 6 2022
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Power is not working

RE: Schiller - CARDIOVIT AT-2
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When the ecg prints, it prints off the 2 sheets of paper onto a 3rd sheet by 3.5 grid boxes. I cannot get it aligned properly so that it prints just on the 2 sheets of paper. I've tried adjusting the speed & gain, I've ensured I have the correct paper, and I've referred to the Operating Instructions without resolve. Please help!!!!

RE: Burdick - Eclipse 800
Added  May 4 2022
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Unit no longer giving the option to change CO2 Value from % to mmHg. Has anyone ever experienced this problem ? What is the fix?

RE: GE Healthcare - Datex-Ohmeda AS/3
2 Replies

1) Is Anyone seeing misreading, failure to read, and excessive cuff pressures when used with small pediatric patients? 2) Is there an automatic NIBP technology that Pediatric Clinics have good confidence in?

RE: Welch Allyn - Connex ProBP 3400
Updated  Apr 12 2022
7 Replies

Hello, I have a Philips suresign vs3 and the power button is not working anymore.. it was working yesterday and today its not working. Anyone have any ideas or how to fix it? I appreciate your help. -Kevin

RE: Philips - SureSigns VS3
Updated  Apr 12 2022
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i am facing an issue of gas module GM failed how should i resolved this problem

RE: Datascope - GAS MODULE SE
Updated  Apr 12 2022
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How do I change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit ?

RE: Philips - IntelliVue MX550

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