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I need a service manual copy.

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Need information on how to obtain operator manual and how to purchase acesory for this vital sign monitor including the EKG lead , pulse ox and NIBP connector .

Thu Apr 19 2018
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Hello. When the "ECG" and "Rhythm" buttons are pressed, the message "Paper Error. Reload paper and press "ECG" and "Rhythm" to continue printing. Press "STOP" to cancel printing" appears. What could be the problem and how to repair? The paper is in order.

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I have a Cardell veterinary monitor 9405 which appears identical to a CASMED 750 unit. The unit stopped producing any sound at all a few months ago. When first turned on it should produce 3 beeps but doesn't. All else appears to be functioning ok. Is this likely the speaker or something more involved? Thoughts? I do not see anything like this in the service manuals. Thank you.

Wed Apr 11 2018
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Has anyone purchased Cal Gas for the GF-210R from Scott Medical? If so, do you have a part # available? Thank you.

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Where can I get a service & operators manual for a Bionet Cardiotouch3000?

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I recently ran into a situation with these 3 devices. Please beware when integrating these 3 devices. The carescape b850 by default can not slave cvp to the new hemosphere cardiac output monitor. The system will only slave ecg and arterial pressure. The unity network for ge will be able to pull the cco from the edwards monitor. You will need a serial to ethernet adapter made by GE to do so. The problem with this configurantion is that the only port available to send the cco to the unity network is also the only port used by the hemosphere to send the data to capsule. In order to get both the cco info to the b850 and the data to capsule you will need a male to 2 females "y" db9 splitter and the vigilance serial cable along with the db adapter from capsule. You will also need to match the baudrate in the edwards monitor to 19200. After this is configured you will be able to see your cco,cci,svr and svri on your b850. The crna will still have to enter the svr and svri manually unto epic but they will have continuous monitoring. Edwards is working in a solution for this problem. Ge do not have a solution for it. Capsule, maguire enterprises and black box do not have a solution for this problem.

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Hello, We have a Telemon C that when physically connected to a transmitter, it stops all communication with the Central Monitor. If we disconnect the transmitter from the Telemon then the transmitter starts to communicate with the central again. Any ideas what might be the cause? We have tried several different transmitters at different frequencies, all do the same thing. Thank you.

Thu Apr 5 2018
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When powering on the Dash 4000 monitor, the system reboots over and over. For instance, the GE logo on display goes from white to blue then back to white to start the boot up over again. Any ideas how to fix. Not finding solution from manual. GE only wants you to send it in.

Tue Apr 3 2018
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how to use ekg

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