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Have any of your sites enabled Active Directory integration with your Morta ELI ECG carts? This forces users to log into the cart with ther network ID and password.

Equipment: Mortara ELI 350

RE: Mortara - ELI 350
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Does anyone know what an alternative would be for the Capnostream 35 internal battery? Medtronic wants $1,000.00 to send it in to replace it every two years. The part number is SF00035. Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery. 7.2VDC/4.464Wh/IEC 2INP5/31/36. I have checked Interstate Batteries and cannot find a match. I have done general queries on the internet and can’t find anything either.

RE: Medtronic - Capnostream 35
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I have the configuration password; how do I change the default parameters? Do I need a specialized usb?

Equipment: Mindray - a7

RE: Mindray - DPM7
Updated  Jan 30 2023
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what is the meaning of this error code how to fix please

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 series

RE: GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 Series
Updated  Jan 25 2023
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During the overpressure verification test, the relief valve doesn't open way past the max threshold of 325 mmHg for adult and only gets triggered at 335 mmHg. Same with neonate, doesn't open at max threshold of 165 mmHg and only does at 180 mmHg. Is there a way to fix this?

RE: GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE V100
Added  Jan 25 2023
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Looking for CO2 module PN 453564262471 Current unit aspirated liquid, cleared tubing, tried to recalibrate but it is returning error when verifying cal

Equipment: Philips - SureSigns VM8

RE: Philips - SureSigns VM8
Updated  Jan 24 2023
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Would you happen to know the part number for the display board from a Nonin Avant 9600?

Equipment: Nonin - Avant 9600

RE: Nonin - Avant 9600
Added  Jan 9 2023
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does not recognize headbox-cable.

Equipment: XLTEK - Neuromax 1002

RE: XLTEK - Neuromax 1002
Added  Dec 27 2022
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What type of battery requiered?

RE: Cardioline - Delta 1 plus
Updated  Dec 16 2022
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Anyone know how I can fix the error code 010? Please post if you do, Thank you!

RE: Covidien - PM10N

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