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Updated  Jul 21 2020
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GE Healthcare - COROMETRICS 145
As soon as i put on patient make a loud noises.

RE: GE Healthcare - COROMETRICS 145

Alex Guerrero replied 23 days ago

Updated  Jul 20 2020
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Medtronic - 5388
Battery signal is flashing. Icon is solid. How long is battery life?

RE: Medtronic - 5388

Chris S replied 24 days ago

Updated  Aug 9 2020
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Accriva Diagnostics - Avoximeter 4000

May I know the price  of Avoximeter 4000?

RE: Accriva Diagnostics - Avoximeter 4000

CMB7 replied 4 days ago

Updated  Jul 20 2020
3 Replies

GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 Series
I have a corometrics 170 series(172) leds lit on display, power and recorder leds are lit up and can hear hear beat..can not turn unit off wo unplugging, cannot turn volume down, recorder will not feed and nothing lit on display..a lot of issues at once..

RE: GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 Series

Ali Youssef replied 24 days ago

Added  Jul 17 2020
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Suzuken - Kenz ECG-103
when my machine starts to run an EKG all of a sudden it stops and I get a paper empty display and it won't run

RE: Suzuken - Kenz ECG-103

Careerstyles posted a month ago

Updated  Jul 22 2020
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Philips - M2725A
Has anyone found a good way to remove the battery if you don't have access to the special tool Philips provides?

RE: Philips - M2725A

CMB7 replied 22 days ago

Added  Jul 16 2020
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Acare Technology - AH-M1
if any one can have the password please?

RE: Acare Technology - AH-M1

Amanuale posted a month ago

Updated  Jul 9 2020
8 Replies

GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD
Hi everyone, I have a printing issue. Only half the page is being printed, not the top half or bottom half so not suspecting the printer assembly. Its only printing the first 1/4 of the page in full and the rest of the page is entirely blank. Any suggestions are appreciated in advance.

RE: GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD

Darin replied a month ago

Updated  Jul 10 2020
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Covidien - PM10N
Anyone have the service passcode for the Covidien/Nellcor PM10N. I need to change the date/time and cannot with out the password. And yes, I know I can call tech support and will if I don't get a quick answer here. Thanks.

RE: Covidien - PM10N

Amscopolaris replied a month ago

Updated  Jul 7 2020
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Draeger - Vamos / Vamos Plus
I need the Service Manual or Calibration Procedure.If anybody has Please Let me Know!

RE: Draeger - Vamos / Vamos Plus

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

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