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Updated  May 12 2022
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The encoder movement key of the wato ex 65 device works but does not confirm its inputs. it only works in directions. I changed the encoder but the problem did not go away. can you help me?

RE: Mindray - WATO EX-65
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¿Alguien ha tenido problema con fuga en el interruptor principal? Al accionarse se escucha un pequeño ruido que al parecer es fuga de oxigeno. / Has anyone had a problem with the main switch leaking? When you activate, a small noise is heard that apparently is oxygen leakage.

RE: Draeger - Narkomed 2A
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Hello. I have Bausch & Lomb - MILLENNIUM which does not reach the maximum of its vacuum value from venturi module. The maximum value remains between 100 120 mmhg, even if I set the maximum slider to 500mmhg. And sometimes the cassette does not want to eject, with a residual vacuum of 10mmhg, in this case I have to remove the source of compressed air so that the cassette is released. No error code is present.

RE: Bausch & Lomb - MILLENNIUM
Updated  Apr 28 2022
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Testing the Force triad using the ESU 2400 analyzer in auto sequence. In step 1 verifying REM passed but when it gets to verifying REM 2 test, the CQM resistance goes all the way to 148 and failed the test. I appreciate any assistance.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Apr 26 2022
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The power supply module is in working. There is problem in venturi module, the card of venturi module is not detected

RE: Bausch & Lomb - MILLENNIUM
Added  Apr 21 2022
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Need assistance connecting

RE: Medtronic - GI Genius
Added  Apr 17 2022
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Looking for used Eibos to buy

RE: Moller-Wedel - EIBOS 2
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Dear Sirs, I'm in need for your advise regarding ADU S/5 from datex/ohmeda ,anesthesia screen not running on .

RE: Datex Ohmeda - ADU S/5
Added  Apr 15 2022
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I need VGA Cable Brd R.100 DTI

RE: Diros Technology Inc. - OWL URF-3AP
Added  Apr 9 2022
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electrical installation

RE: Skytron - Aurora Astro

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