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Hello all, I have a 7100 that will not ventilate when switching from bag to vent mode. I have checked the microswitch on the lever and the GUI does show indicate which mode its in. I can here the vent engine actuating but I get no movement from the bellows and no movement of air across the flow sensors, thus I get no waveform on the GUI. I have done all leak tests in service mode and in normal operation mode, with no leaks. I have done all calibrations and diagnostic checks in service mode with no problems. The s/w is 1.3. Any help insight would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Does anyone have information on remotely triggering/stopping recordings and image capture via either RS232, IP or via the remote ports on the rear of the unit?

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I am wanting to transfer files from an SDC Ultra to a normal FTP server. I have setup a share and username/password for it. It can ping with no issues but always failed on upload. Is it trying to write to the root directly of the FTP server i.e. and can it be possible to point it to a folder instead i.e.

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Hey, buddy, I need some help. my machine gives me black screen, how can I enter the system settings or some way to do a reset? Regards.

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how to clean Neptune 2 manifold receptacle assembly?

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I have the end of a hard plastic catheter connector lodged in my connector unit. Does anyone have a replacement unit?? I can send a picture of the piece if needed.

Tue Jul 10 2018
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ALCON infinity

Mon Jul 9 2018
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does anyone have the pdf manual for multicare platinum?

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Values for volumetric ventilazione are within 25/35 ml of the set values, Requesting 20 mmHg in Pressure Ventilazione mode results in no more than 10 mmHg with corresponding low VE alarm. Carries out 5 successful calibration cycles.

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The table operators tell me that when they hit the home button, the table does not go back to level side to side. I talked with two different Amsco tech support people. The first told me it was a bad mercury switch (no adjustment). Cost for part - $743. I talked to a different tech a few days later and he told me that the mercury switches rarely go bad and that it probably was a control board. Cost for part - $591. Does anyone have experience with this problem? Thanks, Dave

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