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Updated  Jul 13 2020
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Bovie - Maxxim X-30
Good afternoon I have a problem electrocautery bovie maxxim x 30 there is no power output in coagulation I do not have a service manual can help me solve this problem

RE: Bovie - Maxxim X-30

T-Lobato replied 4 hours ago

Updated  Jul 10 2020
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ERBE - Erbotom ICC 300
Please notify if have above cable

RE: ERBE - Erbotom ICC 300

MedWrench Kari replied 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 10 2020
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Valleylab - Force FX-C
I have a Valleylab - Force FX-C for repair. The error number is 61 display on COAG upon pressing the probe. furthermore when pressing RECALL, PURE and DESSICATE simultaneously it did not proceed and 81 display under CUT.

RE: Valleylab - Force FX-C

T-Lobato replied 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 8 2020
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Bovie - IDS-300
equipment failure bovie ids 300 does not increase fixed power in coagulation mode, even if the values are changed on display

RE: Bovie - IDS-300

leonice81 replied 5 days ago

Updated  Jul 7 2020
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Pentax - CGI -4000
Is there a manual or specification page available for the pentax cgi-4000? I need the proper load ohm value(s) to test the power output to verify proper operation.

RE: Pentax - CGI -4000

MedWrench Kari replied 6 days ago

Updated  Jul 10 2020
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CooperSurgical - LEEP System 1000
What is the PM cycle, yearly?

RE: CooperSurgical - LEEP System 1000

Deanna Wilkinson replied 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 11 2020
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Valleylab - Force 40S-20
Hello to friends Can someone help me? I needed Service Manual Valeylab 40s-20 surgical unit

RE: Valleylab - Force 40S-20

Zuhir replied 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 6 2020
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Sorin Group - Brat 2
i could like to get information on how i can buy the Brat 2 transfusion machine

RE: Sorin Group - Brat 2

MedWrench Kari replied 7 days ago

Updated  Jul 6 2020
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Ellman International - Surgitron FFPF EMC
I have above mentioned product.Problem is 1.6A fuse blowing as soon as i connect to the main power . What could be the problem

RE: Ellman International - Surgitron FFPF EMC

RangerJones replied 7 days ago

Updated  Jul 6 2020
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Olympus - CLV-U40
Hello! Sir, kindly help to resolve this issue, Lamp is work just for a sec. It seems like a point is missing(ground). Please share service manual, Thanks for your response. Regard Zohaib

RE: Olympus - CLV-U40

Chris-CBET replied 7 days ago

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