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Updated  Jun 1 2023
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since berkeley is out of business does anyone know who bought them out and where we can get the gauze specimen socks or black o rings for synevac 5? part codes for the sock are 648 and the o ring # 644 and 649

RE: Berkeley - Synevac SYSTEM 5
Added  May 30 2023
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Equipment: Eschmann - T30+

RE: Eschmann - T30+
Updated  May 29 2023
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Can anyone provide the calibration procedure for an Ellman Dual RF? 

RE: Ellman International - Surgitron Dual RF120
Updated  May 27 2023
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 our anesthesia machine fabius GS had PCV and SIMV/PS mode earlier and now it is disabled after I replaced  CMOS battery since it was dead. When we try to enable we are asked for 10 digit .can any one tell how to activate these modes?

Equipment: Draeger - Fabius GS

RE: Draeger - Fabius GS
Updated  May 24 2023
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Instruction on PM procedure

Equipment: ESG-410

RE: Olympus - ESG-400
Added  May 24 2023
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Al inciar la pantalla me sale "testing Ram   Fail ", ¿alguien podria darme solución porque sucede eso?

RE: Draeger - Narkomed GS
Updated  May 15 2023
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digging thru the maintenance manual to no avail. Remember when we used to get actual schematics, wiring diagrams, theory of operation? so i can hear the pump move when I engage the floor locks, however they're not moving. all 4, so i'm suspecting the manifold instead of the individual floor locks, but don't want to rule out the power supply. Has anyone run into this?

RE: STERIS - 4085
Added  May 14 2023
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  • How can the head be repaired . How to calibrate ? What are error codes?

Equipment: ZEISS - IOLMaster 500

RE: ZEISS - IOLMaster 500
Updated  May 13 2023
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Hi please any one can repair processor epx 4450

RE: Fujinon - EPX-4400
Updated  May 12 2023
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Can anyone provide the calibration needs and procedure for the Megadyne Mega Power 1000? Thank you

RE: Megadyne - Mega Power

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