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Updated  Dec 10 2020
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TRUMPF - TruSystem 7500
Hello , you know which batteries are installed in this model ? Best regards, Marco

RE: TRUMPF - TruSystem 7500
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I would like an exploded view diagram of the slit lamp. Also may be interested in PM for other zeiss slit lamps.

Updated  Dec 7 2020
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Conmed - Excalibur Plus PC
I want service manual please

RE: Conmed - Excalibur Plus PC
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Zimmer - Dornoch Ultra Evac

We are consultant for the system design to the Dornoch ultra Evac model UL-EV100. Could you please help the question below. 1. The drain from this equipment will direct to connect to the drainage system or will be indirectly connect to the hospital drainage system. 2. Th2 water to this equipment will be hard pipe connection or it will through a 3/4" hose to connect to the equipment. My email is

RE: Zimmer - Dornoch Ultra Evac
Added  Dec 1 2020
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CooperSurgical - Leep System 6000
Hello i have machine cooper leep system plz helpe me how to test i have broblem not testing machine this is my whatsapp number 00252618852508 thank you

RE: CooperSurgical - Leep System 6000
Added  Nov 30 2020
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Edge Systems LLC - S.A.F.E. System
Ionia Medical used to distribute the EDGE evacuator in Australia and we have lots of customers requesting filters - just wondering if it is still possible to purchase the pre-filters and Big-Boy filter, and is the evacuator still produced in 240VAC versions?

RE: Edge Systems LLC - S.A.F.E. System
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Valleylab - ForceTriad
We purchased a Valleylab Force Triad from Avante Surgical a couple months ago. Our requests for help to Avante have went unanswered. The patient return electrode is a stainless pad style, not a split pad style. With the split pad, I understand that the REM system is measuring resistance between the pads to determine if there is good patient contact prior to initiating power output, as a safety measure to reduce burns. With the solid pad, there can be no such measurement. I see different connection wires listed for solid pads vs split pads. It appears from pictures, that the wires for solid pads are simply a modified split pad cable that have had a resistor soldered in line on each monitoring wire, which would trick the REM system in to believing there is good patient contact. Is it a reasonable to believe that we have been shipped the wrong cord for our solid paddle. That is, a measurement of the resistance of each wire, to show less than 5 ohms, is indicative of a cable intended for a split paddle.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Nov 30 2020
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Verathon - GlideScope AVL
P/n of the battery

RE: Verathon - GlideScope AVL
Added  Nov 28 2020
Added  Nov 23 2020
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Ulco - Signet 615
Is this compatible to ulco signet 615 and co2 absorber ab800?

RE: Ulco - Signet 615

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