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Updated  Nov 23 2020
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Stryker - TPS
Does a Stryker formula Core shaver run on a Stryker TPS 5100-1 or do you need a CORE console.

RE: Stryker - TPS
Updated  Nov 17 2020
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Medical Illumination - MEDI-SPOT SPOTLIGHT
Hello, we have a Medi-Spot spotlight and the base is broken where the lamp normally sits. Is it possible to purchase a replacement base? Is there a Canadian distributor? Thank you

RE: Medical Illumination - MEDI-SPOT SPOTLIGHT
Updated  Dec 3 2020
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I have replaced batteries on our 3085sp it worked for a while and now it wont work again. Any ideas?

Updated  Nov 17 2020
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STERIS - Reliance EPS
Does anyone know how to get into service mode? I've already tried to power down to clear the error(even though 23 is power fault error, so it seems ironic), next step is to go into service mode to clear it

RE: STERIS - Reliance EPS
Updated  Nov 12 2020
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Stryker - SmartPump
Information on the PM for Stryker smart pump

RE: Stryker - SmartPump
Updated  Nov 11 2020
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Valleylab - ForceTriad
I changed the screen and now there is a big C display screen I dont see anything online? Is there a way to get it off.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Nov 10 2020
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Sorin Group - XTRA
Can anyone tell me what the minimum volume is for washing a full and half bowl of blood in orthopaedics ? Thank you!

RE: Sorin Group - XTRA
Updated  Nov 5 2020
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Valleylab - SSE2L
Good Afternoon, My office needs to know which grounding pads are compatible with the above listed device. Please advise. Thank you. Pattie

RE: Valleylab - SSE2L
Added  Nov 4 2020
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Ellman International - AcuSect
Hi, does anyone have a SM for it?

RE: Ellman International - AcuSect
Added  Nov 3 2020
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Megadyne - Mega Power
Hi I have an error 205 on a Mega Power ESU - Reviewed the service manual on this and have removed all switches from the unit and on power up I still receive the same error - No broken terminals in any of the connections or anything indicating a short from my perspective. Most all of the contacts provided like SOMA or Johnson and Johnson were unable to assist. Has anyone else ever dealt with this error on one of these ESUs before?

RE: Megadyne - Mega Power

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