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Updated  Jan 30 2023
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May I have the part number for the "parallel compensation rod?" Please and thank you.

Equipment: Berchtold - Chromophare F 628

RE: Berchtold - Chromophare F 628
Updated  Jan 26 2023
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Error: Expired tag I get this error when plugging a shaver into the console. Is this an error with the console or with the handpiece?

RE: Stryker - 5400-50 CORE Console
Updated  Jan 26 2023
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I bought a used Glidescope GVL and discovered the light bulb is burned out. The camera picks up ambient light but the screen goes black when introduced into the patient's mouth. Can you service the baton?

Equipment: Glidescope GVL

RE: Verathon - GlideScope GVL
Added  Jan 25 2023
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Repair for job

Equipment: Fujinon - EC-530LS

RE: Fujinon - EC-530LS
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Anyone have any info on obtaining the 5th Wheel assembly for D850 better known as InstaDrive. I'm looking for a source other than manufacture since their parts are super expensive. I'm just looking for the wheel assembly with motor and hydraulics not the electronics associated with the system. Also is there a document which specifically covers the InstaDrive system because service manual leave allot to be desired. Any input would be appreciated.

RE: Berchtold - OPERON® D 850
Updated  Jan 24 2023
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We are a Vet Hospital in QLD Australia and have 2 tables that won't move ie their electronics has broken. Can we convert the tables into purely manual to do away with the electronics? If we can, anyone help us how? Regards, Guy

Equipment: Eschmann t20

RE: Eschmann - T20-a : T20-s
Updated  Jan 20 2023
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Boa tarde, pessoal! Poderiam me auxiliar com uma questão? Vocês saberiam me dizer a solução para este erro? Seguindo o manual, a descrição do erro é a seguinte: "Erro de Dosagem".

RE: Valleylab - Force FX-C
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Hello, I was hoping to find a full service manual in english for the Zeiss opmi vario 700 with a display screen added 2014 model in english. We have a unit the was shipped to us unassembled and we wanted to make sure that before assembly there aren't any parts missing and everything is assembled and installed as it should be before use. If anyone has a full english service manual for the unit kindly do share it. And thank you.

Added  Jan 18 2023
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Allarm E18

Equipment: Steelco - ED 150

RE: Steelco - ED 150
Updated  Jan 17 2023
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dear All i need the service manual to repair the lamp . I hope in your helps .best regards

RE: MAQUET - Lucea 100

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