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Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE
Hello, everyone! Could you please tell me when the alexandrite rod should be replaced. Is it true that rod degradation (loss of quality and transmission) is very rare case? Or it's really needed to be changed after approximate number of the flashes? Or if you polish your rod it can work forever (if not broken) of course.

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE

Lando11 posted a day ago

Added  Sep 19 2020
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A have error E035 autoclave mocom basic ,can anybody help me


rami1111 posted 2 days ago

Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Vatech - PaX-400C
Hi I am searching for a service manual for a Vatech PaX-400C. Thank you.

RE: Vatech - PaX-400C

MedWrench Kari replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Sechrist - 3600E
I just bought a Used Sechrist 3600e hyperbaric chamber. I need to perform a complete inspection/maintenance on it now. It didnt come with any of the manuals. Likely most any Sechrist manual will work. Specifically today I need to find if it has a battery. I plugged it in yesterday and got a power indicator light, but no other electronics worked. Likely today I will find the battery is charged, but its 11 years old and therefore should be replaced. Location? A manual will save me a lot of time and assure I dont miss anything. Next question, there is a multi pin cable that connects on the left side near the door locking mechanism. What is the purpose of this cable and where does the other end connect?

RE: Sechrist - 3600E

T-Lobato replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 17 2020
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Hospira - Plum 360
Looking for the service manual for the Plum 360. Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Hospira - Plum 360

Brad Kitten replied 4 days ago

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Alma Lasers - Sinon
Technician in Tunisia urgent need. Trouble with Power Supply (resolved ) . Need for procedures to change laser cell, calibratation and complete maintenance . Also address of spare parts seller . Thank you very much.

RE: Alma Lasers - Sinon

Ftouh posted 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 18 2020
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Stryker - FL28EX Go

Model:  Stryker FL28EX

The knee board actuator moves up and down correctly with both actuation of the Fowler board actuator in sync as well as when individually actuated. However in either case, natural weight of the mattress or patient will slowly push the actuator back down after achieving desired position. Does the actuator need replacing or is this a possible limiting switch problem, capacitor or board issue?

RE: Stryker - FL28EX Go

Joel63 replied 3 days ago

Updated  Sep 17 2020
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CareFusion - TBird Legacy
What is the PM Interval?

RE: CareFusion - TBird Legacy

MedWrench Kari replied 4 days ago

Updated  Sep 16 2020
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CareFusion - ReVel
We keep having trouble with the pins breaking off in the coupler near the vent. Is there a more robust cord or fix for this because it is costing us around $2000 per incident. Thank you

RE: CareFusion - ReVel

MedWrench Kari replied 5 days ago

Updated  Sep 15 2020
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CareFusion - Alaris 8100
I have a few Alaris 8000 POC units that are giving me error code 120.4610. I have replaced power supply control and battery. Pumps run fine for while then though the same code. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks

RE: CareFusion - Alaris 8100

MedWrench Kari replied 6 days ago

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