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Updated  May 12 2021
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ASP - Sterrad NX
H2O2 intensity adjustment voltage is at 1578 mV. Is this to high?

RE: ASP - Sterrad NX
Updated  May 10 2021
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CareFusion - Alaris PC 8015
I am having an issue with the network configuration on this PC unit. Upon trying to transfer the network package over the software states that the PC unit/RF card is not supported or is not compatible with the NETWORK Config provided. I have tried clearing the network package and no avail. Ive contacted alaris and tech support does not seem to know how to fix this problem.

RE: CareFusion - Alaris PC 8015
Added  May 10 2021
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eVENT Medical - eVoultion 3e
Hi, I am biomedical manager for MSF (doctors without borders) bringing support to a covid treatment center in the middle-east. I am looking for information for the cleaning of the expiration assembly/system. For instance, is that element autoclavable? Also I would like to make a list of spare-parts needed for maintenance but cannot find any service manual to find the references for those parts. Can you help me this? Best regards from the middle-east! Julien

RE: eVENT Medical - eVoultion 3e
Added  May 10 2021
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Philips - Respironics V60
I need guidance on my V70 Ventilator that is showing an arrow pointing downwards on the O2(FiO2)screen, i want to know what the arrow means because it keeps reflecting even when we have supplied oxygen to the vent.

RE: Philips - Respironics V60
Updated  May 9 2021
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Hillrom - P500 Therapy Surface
working on a therapy surface with Error code ACB-31 anyone have info on this error? thanks!

RE: Hillrom - P500 Therapy Surface
Added  May 8 2021
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Syneron-Candela - GentleMax
Dears, I need the service manual of these devices(Gentle max, gentlemax pro and motus AX) , as I have them in my country and I can't repair them without service manual - and I can't import them out for repairing service, kindly if anyone have them please send them to below email:

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleMax
Updated  May 7 2021
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Who can provide new spare part to me

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Hi How do you test the output power and frequency of a therpeutic ultrasound unit and is used in physiotherapy depts? Also, what device/tester is recommended? Thanks

Added  May 6 2021
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Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo
I have a i-Lopo and everything works except the pads the lights wont turn on when it has to be burning the fat

RE: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo
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Draeger - Air-Shields Isolette C400
Looking for a supplier or part number on the air filter on the back on the warmer.. Anyone?

RE: Draeger - Air-Shields Isolette C400

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