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Added  Jan 27 2023
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Neither the pendant nor staff controls are responding. The control box has a green light...

Equipment: Joerns - Bari 10A

RE: Joerns - Bari 10A
Added  Jan 24 2023
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Getting these errors on my cutera excel HR. I've recently replaced the pump, and flow switch, both configured correctly. My reservoir is not empty, and the fill reservoir also has water in it. But I still get these errors. I tried replacing the reservoir cap/sensor too, but that did not fix the codes. Anyone got any tips?

RE: Cutera - excel HR
Added  Jan 23 2023
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I have an OmniBed with a system error 38. This error is because the system is getting signal that the heater doors are both open and closed. It happens as the heater is lowering and the doors are completely shut. The switches were replaced a couple of months ago and it worked fine but now the error is back. I ran continuity tests on J31 and pins 1-3 showed closed, while 2-3 showed open. However, when the error popped up, the pins 1-3 and 2-3 were both closed which is where the problem is coming from. I checked it on the switch side and didn't have an issue, it wasn't until I checked the harness side of J31 that the I found both sets of switch circuits closed. I unplugged one set of switches and got the error, and when I unplugged the other set of switches I still received the error. I believe this to be an issue with the harness, but I am wondering if there is anything else I should check before getting the part ordered for it.

RE: GE Healthcare - Giraffe OmniBed
Updated  Jan 22 2023
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Hi all engineers here. So i need some help from you . I have equipment getinge 500ch i would like to how to do calibration for it . Please explain to me how to do it

Equipment: Getinge - 400/500HC Series

RE: Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Updated  Jan 19 2023
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cannot hear audible alarms although volume is set to high

Equipment: Covidien - Kangaroo ePump

RE: Covidien - Kangaroo ePump
Updated  Jan 17 2023
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When the Panda is powered on the display is dark and unreadable. It takes about 5 minutes for it to warm up and become useable. Can you replace just the backlight or does the entire display need to be replaced?

RE: GE Healthcare - Panda iRES
Added  Jan 17 2023
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Filling up the water tank

Equipment: Lumenis - LightSheer DUET

RE: Lumenis - LightSheer DUET
Added  Jan 17 2023
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Who knows how to rebuild a laser head and explain to me how to do that I will pay for the service Equipment: Cynosure Elite

RE: Cynosure - Elite+
Added  Jan 17 2023
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password deka synchro pressed the STAND BY key Nobody knows the password Is there any solution please help Willing to pay for the service

RE: Deka - Synchro HP
Added  Jan 15 2023
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kindly advice

Equipment: NIDEK - Marco AR-800

RE: NIDEK - Marco AR-800

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