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Updated  Oct 21 2021
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I'm not sure how to perform the Occlusion force 8 lb +- 1 on this unit and I can't view the PM instructions on MedWrench..Do you have instructions for this step in the inspection process?

RE: Baxter - InfusOR
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I got a brain the user wrote that it failed battery conditioning test(hereby referred to as "BCT") twice. So I do my own BCT and I get this issue. The time to completion is stuck at 00:00 for about 24 hours. So I turn the unit off, check the battery connection pins, bend them slightly to give them better contact with the battery, install a new battery and try again. Same issue, so I leave the brain running for much longer to see if that fixes it with no luck. Lastly, I tried taking apart the unit and putting it back together just in case there was some lose connection causing the problem. No dice. There are no error codes in the logs that has helped me out. So I'm wondering, is this a logic board or a power supply issue, what else should I try and where can I get the correct part?

RE: CareFusion - Alaris PC 8015
Updated  Oct 20 2021
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Is there a source for additional autosequence files for the ESU-2400?

RE: BC Biomedical - ESU-2400
Added  Oct 20 2021
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Ma machine signale l'erreur F 452. Pouvez vous m'aider

RE: Lumenis - VersaPulse PowerSuite 20w
Added  Oct 20 2021
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Hi, if someone has the user manual or service manual of HemoRO 3000 of DWA please email me: Thanks a lot

RE: DWA - HemoRO 3000
Updated  Oct 20 2021
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Has anyone encounter low flow on these units? I am testing at 50 LPM but only getting about 40 LPM on my tester. I also tested a brand new one out of the box at 50 LPM and it was only slightly better at 42 LPM.

RE: Fisher and Paykel Healthcare - AIRVO 2
Updated  Oct 19 2021
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Where is the bed down sensor

RE: Hillrom - Advanta 2
Added  Oct 18 2021
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Does anyone have a lightsheer operators manual and/or clinical parameter packet?

RE: Lumenis - LightsheerEP
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Does anyone have a service manual for a Hercules Patient Repositioner

RE: Sizewise - Hercules Patient Positioner
Updated  Oct 18 2021
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The only button on the keypad that works is the on/off button. Any help with what might be wrong.

RE: B. Braun - Vista Basic

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