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  1. Hemochron® Report Maker - A data management system for documenting, tracking, and managing patient and QC test results efficiently from all Hemochron devices
  2. Configuration Manager - Configuration management for Hemochron Signature instruments.
  3. OxyReviewTM - A report generator for capturing Avoximeter® 1000E results and data.   

RE: Accriva Diagnostics - Hemochron Signature Elite
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Can someone please help with this issue? it makes a popping sound like the water is hitting hot Coils in the boiler.

Equipment: SKYTRON Steam Sterilizer 215

RE: Skytron - Integrity 215/215SG
Added  Feb 26 2024
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Would someone happen to have a service manual? for a 215

RE: Skytron - Integrity 215/215SG
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"Investigating the interface between biochemistry and veterinary medicine using instrumental approaches is exciting. It provides essential information on disease processes and treatment techniques. GEO MC Vet Forums are a wonderful way to share knowledge and develop collaboration in this specialized profession."

RE: Instrumental Bioquimico - GEO MC Vet
Added  Feb 24 2024
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My tuttnauer ez11 plus shows no water after starting.  I have determined the issue is the water pump.  I was wondering if anybody has experience with the water pump delete kit.  Just wanted to see if it was worthwhile or replacing it with an oem water pump is better.  Cost is the same.


Equipment: Tuttnauer - EZ11 Plus autoclave

RE: Tuttnauer - EZ11 Plus
Updated  Feb 23 2024
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How can I change the Oxygen sensor. Thanks

RE: Newport Medical - HT70 Plus
Added  Feb 22 2024
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i had a problem with ligmed selecta selecetive laser machine. it stop to work immediately ,showing on screen an error message '' STO''.. how can i fix this?

Equipment: lightmed selective laser

RE: Lightmed - LIGHTLas 532
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we need manual document to know errors of pump

RE: Aitecs - SEP-21S Plus double syringe
Updated  Feb 20 2024
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m22 screen is showing 229 error. How to fix it?

RE: Lumenis - M22
Added  Feb 19 2024
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Any one can help, the handpiece M4 not working with XPS 3000, however it working with the newer model IPC, 

I tried this M4 with another unit XPS 3000, also not working.

RE: Medtronic - XPS 3000

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