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Updated  Jul 13 2020
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GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE R860
hello, here where I work we have GE R860 fans that failed the self test. I managed to repair the flow release valves, and release the equipment to save in the midst of this pandemic. However, some adjustments (of tension) can only be done through the software through access passwords.

RE: GE Healthcare - CARESCAPE R860

MedWrench Kari replied 2 hours ago

Updated  Jul 13 2020
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Cynosure - Vectus Laser
I desperately need the service manual for this laser.

RE: Cynosure - Vectus Laser

MedWrench Kari replied 6 hours ago

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Philips - EverFlo
Philips Everlo unit will run 5 - 10 minutes before red led illuminates continuously with a continuous tone. In the manual, this equates to "The device has detected a system malfunction.". The unit will run longer, if you run it with the flow reduced, before the error occurs. The flow ball stays steady (not bouncing) and the unit sounds like it is switching between sieve beds and purging nitrogen normally. I have 2 new units of the same model and they sound the same as the broken one. I have a copy of the service manual but it doesn't really give any direction on where to start or what to check for with this specific error, which is so general to begin with. Does anyone know what the most likely cause is or what components I should check? This is used for non-medical purposes so no one's life is on the line here, but I'd really like to get the unit working.

RE: Philips - EverFlo

NJ2323 posted 3 days ago

Updated  Jul 9 2020
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Cardon - BT500

repair manual pdf


RE: Cardon - BT500

MedWrench Kari replied 4 days ago

Updated  Jul 10 2020
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Hill-Rom - Totalcare P1900

Max inflate goes to zero and does not automatically switch to normal intermittently I get the error message maxiflate timed out. What would cause this? There are no errors listed in  service required. Works fine most times just on occasion

RE: Hill-Rom - Totalcare P1900

MedWrench Kari replied 3 days ago

Added  Jul 8 2020
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Philips - Respironics Esprit
Where the battery is installed in esprit ventilator the external battery? From where I can purchase these rechargeable batteries? Regards - Mursleen

RE: Philips - Respironics Esprit

Murs leen posted 5 days ago

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Belimed - MST V 6 Series
I changed the p1 and p2 pressure transducers, I need to connect with a pc to verify the calibrations, thank you

RE: Belimed - MST V 6 Series

ysfacr posted 5 days ago

Updated  Jul 8 2020
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ZEISS - Visulas 532
After a voltage jump, the control console does not work. The "WD" error - red, STBY ERROR - yellow light is also on the board. I can't find the service guide. I ask for help.

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532

T-Lobato replied 5 days ago

Updated  Jul 7 2020
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Technical error - 25


Ray Brown, CBET replied 6 days ago

Updated  Jul 7 2020
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Midmark - Ritter M11D
Im looking for a operation manual on how to change time on the machine

RE: Midmark - Ritter M11D

jpowell replied 6 days ago

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