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I bought this from an estate sale not knowing what it was. It needs a top handle replaced and it came with nothing inside, from what I can tell it must be a heating element and a rack that's missing inside. Can you tell me where to find replacements? I'd like to sell it as-is for $150 plus shipping cost. If I replace parts I'll have to ask more for it Anyone interested? I'm near Portland Oregon/SW Washington for local pickup

Equipment: Chattanooga Hydrocollator SS-2

RE: Chattanooga - Hydrocollator SS-2
Updated  Mar 7 2023
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Hi, my E-1 Hydrocollator keep going in overtemp mode and stop heating. I already replaced the overtemp switch with a genuine part #20548 but it's still tripping. What do you think is the issue here? Thank You.

Equipment: Chattanooga - Hydrocollator E-1

RE: Chattanooga - Hydrocollator E-1
Added  Feb 5 2023
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I posted a question about 6 hours ago abo the polar cube. No one has replied yet. Hoping some knows something about the Breg Polar Cube

Equipment: Breg - Polar Care Cube

I just want to know how to take the cover apart to get to the water pump so I can connect a tube that’s disconnected

RE: Breg - Polar Care Cube
Added  Jan 23 2023
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Hi . Engineers. I need password of thi equipment to do calibration. Please help me. And many thanks

Equipment: BTL - 5000

RE: BTL - 5000
Added  Jan 13 2023
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I need a user manual for the Quinton q 55 cardiac stress treadmill

Equipment: Cardiac Science - Quinton Q55

RE: Cardiac Science - Quinton Q55
Updated  Jan 11 2023
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Please i need help my endomed 482 is giving me error 178, i dont know what that means please help.

Equipment: EnRaf Nonius - Endomed 482

RE: EnRaf Nonius - Endomed 482
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I had contacted Chattanooga and was referred to a 3rd party to order a motor control board. I received this and put it in. I zeroed out the load cell. The problem still exists. The unit is not usable in this condition. Does anyone have any recommendations to solve this issue? Thank you in advance.

Equipment: Chattanooga - Triton DTS

Updated  Nov 30 2022
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I would like to purchase a new board and heating element for our TP 500

Equipment: Gaymar - TP500

RE: Gaymar - TP500
Updated  Nov 26 2022
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Where can I buy them from? Do you have them? Thank you

Equipment: ACP - Omnistim FX2 Pro

RE: ACP - Omnistim FX2 Pro
Added  Nov 4 2022
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Where can I download manual

Equipment: Ossur Americas - Cold Rush

RE: Ossur Americas - Cold Rush

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