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Fri Jul 13 2018
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Hey, buddy, I need some help. how can i get into the setting of the machine or do a reset? i have the error "H02" (impedance Measurement). and if anyone knows if it can be updated from version 2.2A to version 3 Best Regards

Thu Jun 28 2018
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Trying to locate the Operation Manual for the Chattanooga Intellect 700C.

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I'm looking for information on error codes for this machine as well as a possible parts list to identify and order replacement parts. Thanks

Wed May 2 2018
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where can i find a wiring diagram for M2 ?

Wed Apr 25 2018
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Can you send me or help me find an owners manual to adjust thermostat settings safely?

Mon Apr 2 2018
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Good Afternoon Can you help me my labtop give me error 9763 no communication with treadmill the Rest ECG works normally The codes fine !! What shall I do ??!

Sat Mar 24 2018
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Hi, I have a kinetec Prima knee CPM. It was moving then all of a sudden it stopped. Now it turns on, but it does not move. Sometimes it shows a Service D2 error code, and other times it shows Service D1 error code. Could you please let me know what may be causing the issue? Please let me know the cost of the optimete. Thank you

Wed Mar 21 2018
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Need advice about Out of OrderShowing on screen.

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Looking for Make and or Model of the Speed Control Motor " Small chain drive motor used to change the speed" Would consider purchasing if you have one and its cheap

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