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Added  Jan 24 2024
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Last time I dealt with this I believe it was related to certain stop button being used. Any other solutions? Thanks

RE: GE HealthCare - T2100
Updated  Dec 4 2023
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Is there any place I can get my machine fixed? 

Thank you,

Scott Nelson 

Phone:  4255913166

Equipment: My-O-Matic

RE: Monad - MY-O-MATIC
Updated  Oct 23 2023
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Do you sell the electrodes for the Modus-F machine?

Equipment: Inceler Medikal - Modus ESWT

RE: Inceler Medikal - Modus ESWT
Added  Oct 20 2023
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What are some steps I can take to see if the thermostat or heating element is the cause of my hydrocollator not heating up?

Equipment: Chattanooga - Hydrocollator Heating Units

Added  Oct 9 2023
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How do I download a PDF of EMPI 300pv operator manual

Equipment: EMPI 300pv

RE: DJO Global - 300 PV
Added  Aug 29 2023
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What are the best points or meridians and frequency to kill parasites ?

Equipment: My-O-Matic

RE: Monad - MY-O-MATIC
Added  Aug 23 2023
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LED blink 5 times

someone knows how to Re-init the 2000H counter with computer?

ref. Kinetec Prima AdvanceS1 Knee CPM Service Manual.pdf (

RE: Kinetec - Prima Advance
Updated  Aug 22 2023
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Dear Sir. 

Is there any possibility to find the cables for a Life-Tech - EZstim II Nerve Stimulator?Thank you in advance.

RE: Life-Tech - EZstim II
Updated  Aug 21 2023
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Have the box but no leads.  Looking for a source for the lead wires (electrode and needle) for peripheral nerve blocks.  

Equipment: Life-Tech EZstim II ES400

RE: Life-Tech - EZstim II
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[7963] no communiction with  ergometer /treadmile

Equipment: Cardiac Science - Quinton TM55 & TM65 Treadmill

RE: Cardiac Science - Quinton TM55 & TM65 Treadmill

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