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Added  Jul 30 2021
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Where does one order replacement lead wire set for this unit?

RE: ACP - Omnistim FX2 Pro
Added  Jul 27 2021
0 Replies

Just looking for an operations manual

RE: American Imex - A-TENS+
Updated  Jul 6 2021
1 Reply

How to remove the screen lock?

RE: DJO Global - 300 PV
Added  Jun 15 2021
0 Replies

Good day, My equipment is not producing ultrasounds. After selecting Ultrasound therapy, mode of treatment and adjusting W/cm2 the treatment time is not counting down, the stop sign not changing to pause sign, the Ultrasound transducer is not lighting up the blue/green light but is producing a beep sound after pluging its connector onto the machine. So Ultrasound Therapy and Combined Therapy are not working. Please help. Regards, Stephen Shomani

RE: EnRaf Nonius - Sonopuls 492
Updated  Jun 4 2021
3 Replies

Trying to figure out whats wrong with the treadmill. Has anyone else had this issue? All fuses are good, interface cable was swapped and its good. Any suggestions on what more to troubleshoot?

Added  May 17 2021
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Does anyone know the code to reset the PM date on the Cosman G4 RF Unit?

RE: Boston Scientific - G4 RF Generator
Added  May 7 2021
0 Replies

I can't find the user manual with the 28 programs ??

RE: EnRaf Nonius - Tensmed S82
Updated  May 7 2021
1 Reply

which connector on p.c. can be used to send ECG to echo system

RE: Cardiac Science - Quinton Q-Stress
Updated  Apr 23 2021
1 Reply

How do I tension a new drive belt for a GE Marquette-T1900

RE: GE Healthcare - Marquette T1900
Added  Apr 23 2021
0 Replies

How do I tension a new drive belt?

RE: GE Healthcare - Marquette T1900

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