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Updated  May 27 2023
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 our anesthesia machine fabius GS had PCV and SIMV/PS mode earlier and now it is disabled after I replaced  CMOS battery since it was dead. When we try to enable we are asked for 10 digit .can any one tell how to activate these modes?

Equipment: Draeger - Fabius GS

RE: Draeger - Fabius GS
Added  May 24 2023
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Al inciar la pantalla me sale "testing Ram   Fail ", ¿alguien podria darme solución porque sucede eso?

RE: Draeger - Narkomed GS
Updated  Apr 24 2023
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The ventilator during a case and the patient had to be ventilated by hand to complete the case. Likely problem and how to resolve it please. 

Equipment: carestation 620

RE: GE Healthcare - Carestation 620
Added  Feb 2 2023
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Hi, i am having problem with the oxygen supply, even though i have supplied the oxygen but the screen still shows o2 supply failure error.

Equipment: anesthesia machine for INFINIUM model ADS III

RE: Infinium - ADS III
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I have the configuration password; how do I change the default parameters? Do I need a specialized usb?

RE: Mindray - A7
Added  Oct 4 2022
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Need a manual

Equipment: aestiva 300 7900

RE: GE Healthcare - Aestiva 7900
Updated  Sep 16 2022
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Can I get a manual

Equipment: Dragger apollo

RE: Draeger - Apollo
Added  Sep 5 2022
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com1 fail, what's reason?

Equipment: Draeger - Primus

RE: Draeger - Primus
Added  Sep 3 2022
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parts and function

Equipment: drager primus

RE: Draeger - Primus
Updated  Sep 1 2022
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Hello, My organization is exploring the Mindray anesthesia machines for our hospitals but they have very little market penetration in Canada, so we don't really know anyone who has experience with them. Does anyone have any advice/input on their experience working with the vendor and/or the devices? Have there been any service delays, parts gouging, supply chain issues etc. with Mindray? Thanks so much for any information you can share!

Equipment: Mindray - A9

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