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Datex Ohmeda - Excel 210
Hello friends. I am an anesthesia provider, professional engineer (electrical) and am responsible for keeping up anesthesia equipment in a small facility in rural Texas with one OR. We have a Datex Ohmeda Excel 210 anes machine that has accumulated moisture in the 'air' flow tube. While it presents no problem mechanically, it needs to be cleaned. I have performed a cleaning on flow tubes in older machines in the past but not this one. I have a bit of an idea of how to tackle the disassembly on this unit to remove the flow tubes and clean them and the bobbins while I'm at it. Do you have access or reference to a manual. I will do some searching myself but please let me know if you have any tips or reference for this process and I will search as well and post my progress. Cheers, David Jackson 214-244-2912

RE: Datex Ohmeda - Excel 210
Updated  Feb 22 2021
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Draeger - Cicero EM
hello every one : i have an anesthesia machine , drager cicero ( looks like cato ) , ((not cicero EM) , i need to check the breathing system , and I need the correct steps to perform a complete test of the breathing system . please Email me : thanks in advance ^_^

RE: Draeger - Cicero EM
Updated  Feb 3 2021
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Maquet - Flow-i C20
Due to not emptying the water trap, in the Maquet Flow-i C20, water return back to gas analyzer module. Is there a way to repair this module or needs to be replaced. Please advise.

RE: Maquet - Flow-i C20
Updated  Feb 1 2021
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Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation
Hi guys, after changing the gas mixer board the machine starts only to a screen showing " System Failure" and continuous alarming from the screen alarm and from the power control board. Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks on advance

RE: Datex Ohmeda - S/5 Avance Carestation
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Mindray - Wato EX-30/20
Is there someone who has a Service and User Manual for this machine? Thanks...

RE: Mindray - Wato EX-30/20
Updated  Jan 19 2021
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Smiths Medical - PneuPac 550
Can anyone help with the service manual?

RE: Smiths Medical - PneuPac 550
Added  Jan 8 2021
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GE Healthcare - Carestation 650
Doing a PM on the carestation 650. During the PM it calls for adjusting vacuum but, the vacuum control knob will not turn in any direction. Checked our other unit and it works normally. Any ideas? Thanks, Dazed and confused

RE: GE Healthcare - Carestation 650
Added  Jan 3 2021
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Draeger - Primus
I received a Draeger primus from Holland. The laguage is Dutch. I wish to change to English

RE: Draeger - Primus
Added  Nov 23 2020
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Ulco - Signet 615
Is this compatible to ulco signet 615 and co2 absorber ab800?

RE: Ulco - Signet 615
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Ulco - Signet 615
Is carbon dioxide absorber Ulco 800 compatible with Ulco Signet 615?

RE: Ulco - Signet 615

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