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Added  Jun 15 2022
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Hi. I am trying to use an EPOC machine but before I run the test it reads electronic QC failure (e65) I tried restarting the host and connecting again but I had no luck. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

RE: Air Liquide Healthcare - Epoc
Added  Sep 9 2021
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What causes software error on Gem 3500 and how to resolve it? Thanks

RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - GEM Premier 3500
Added  Aug 26 2021
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Is it possible to make a simulator cartridge, perhaps from a used blood gas cartridge, to verify if the connection block is working? Also can anyone tell what the 10 lines on the sensor report mean and ranges? These arent addressed in the manual. Thanks

RE: Siemens - Rapidpoint 400/Rapidpoint 405
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Looking to see if anyone has done a PM on this unit and what is involved?

RE: OPTI Medical Systems - CCA-TS
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top plate & bottom plate temprature not reach 37 sometime top plate senssor show 22 and quickly 36

RE: OPTI Medical Systems - OPTI CCA-TS2
Updated  Apr 27 2021
Updated  Apr 21 2021
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Barcode not recognized when performing Fluid replacement. Entered manually the barcode number but machine failed to recognized. For Cal 1 and Cal 2.

RE: Radiometer - ABL800 FLEX Series
Added  Feb 20 2021
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The pCO2 is currently disabled. How can I enable it back please. Urgent help needed.

RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - GEM Premier 3500
Added  Feb 19 2021
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data input to this instrument are temp, Hb. Any data needed?

RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - GEM Premier 3500
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I have a customer with an ABL 9o without a hard drive. The device was purchased from an health authority which removes these to protect against patient data theft.... Does anyone have a service manual for one of these? We need to know what the parameters of a replacement drive should be. I believe the analyzer's software is Windows 7 based, but do not know for sure. The customer is a long way from here and I have never taken one of these apart. Thanks in advance for any help BR

RE: Radiometer - ABL90 FLEX

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