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Added  Feb 23 2017
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what could be the cause of the screen to blackout yet when you connect an external monitor it displays

RE: Radiometer - ABL80 FLEX
Updated  Feb 4 2017
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I have a few of these for which I need to figure the stock password protocol or default. Any suggestions?

RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - GEM Premier 4000
Updated  Jan 31 2017
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please let me know the price.of gem premier 3500



                                                        renato rocha

RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - GEM Premier 3500
Added  Jan 17 2017
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Pls, anyone do you have it? Thanks!

RE: Radiometer - ABL5
Updated  Jan 11 2017
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Where could I get a manual for this unit?

Becky McBlair

RE: Siemens - RAPIDLab 348 Systems
Added  Dec 26 2016
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0877 flexq position error. Can anyone help with this error message please

RE: Radiometer - ABL800 FLEX Series
Updated  Dec 21 2016
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I had concerns from users that they take the arterial blood from newborn baby for blood gas test, however they use the capillary. So I wonder that which types of measurement we must use (syringe mode or capillary mode)? And are there any problem if we use mix-up 2 modes?

RE: Siemens - Rapidpoint 400/Rapidpoint 405
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Hi, change all the electrodes of the equipment and when I calibrate it, do not calibrate the ions, which could be.

RE: Techno Medica - GASTAT 602i
Updated  Oct 13 2016
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I am having an issue with the ABL800 Flex. The unit seems to think there is a sample in it when there isn't? I have rinsed a few times. Sensor issue? If anyone has suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


RE: Radiometer - ABL800 FLEX Series
Added  Aug 30 2016
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Error 0258 Neon lamp intensity too low, just replaced  the OXI module with the neon lamp, did all the adjustments , calibrations  and passed, but still showing error every othe day.

RE: Radiometer - ABL800 FLEX Series

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