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Added  Jun 13 2022
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While cleaning optics glass in camera fall over of device. I accurate disassemble device, disassemble camera, glued glass in place. After assebling back get code E02 (low lever of measure diode). If get out ligth transfer colimator get error E01 (low reference diode). When I try to run with no covers get error E03(high black measure). Is any specific while assebling it back? While dasassemble nothing fall of device. When assemble IR filter place over green diode, is that correct?

RE: HemoCue - Glucose 201 DM
Added  May 9 2021
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Where to buy strips

RE: Abbott - Optium Omega
Updated  Jan 21 2020
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Please how could I change the unit of my machine from mg/dL to mmol/L? Thank you!

RE: LifeScan - OneTouch Select
Added  Dec 11 2018
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Where do I get the routine inspection checklist for glucose monitor ?

RE: LifeScan - OneTouch Ping
Added  Apr 22 2018
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I am writing policies for POC testing in a new Urgent Care - their supplier has provided them with a True Metrix Glucometer- I am totally unfamiliar with this meter - I am looking at the user manual on line & seeing a lot of concerns - does anyone have experience with this meter and/or a sample policy I might be able to look through to make sure I do not miss anything

RE: Trividia Health - TRUE METRIX
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Is there a non evasive blood sugar monitor available

Added  Jul 17 2016
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I want to purchase one for medical research

RE: Nova Biomedical - StatStrip Xpress
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How can I reset login details, and how can I go in to service mode?

RE: Nova Biomedical - StatStrip
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How can I reset login information, and also how can I go into service mode?

RE: Nova Biomedical - StatStrip
Added  Apr 21 2016
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How can the date be changed on the Stat Strip Xpress monitor?  We just realized that the date is a day behind.  Possibly due to leap year?  There are no instructions as to how to change it.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

RE: Nova Biomedical - StatStrip Xpress

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