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Updated  Jan 16 2024
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Do you have the Model 811-B charging cord

Equipment: Parks - 811-B

RE: Parks - 811-B
Added  Feb 21 2023
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No signal when tapping on the microphone, in my case the red cable inside the microphone was broken off the solder point, resolder this point and test again, system worked fine, recomended fix: replace microphone.

RE: SunTech Medical - Tango
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1) Is Anyone seeing misreading, failure to read, and excessive cuff pressures when used with small pediatric patients? 2) Is there an automatic NIBP technology that Pediatric Clinics have good confidence in?

RE: Welch Allyn - Connex ProBP 3400
Updated  Dec 1 2021
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I'm looking for a cuff connector for the DInamap 845. The service manual says it is a screw type connector but that is all it tells me. Can someone help find the right one for it.

RE: Critikon - Dinamap 845
Updated  Oct 7 2021
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Has anyone experienced a loud noise when the volume is turned up? It's not the probe. Possible feedback maybe, but which circuit? Parks 811-B.

RE: Parks - 811-B
Updated  Sep 23 2021
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Have you calibrated one before? Is it even possible? If yes, please share the howto. Thx!

RE: Omron - HEM-907XL
Updated  May 14 2021
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How can I access the service mode to perform a static calibration check?

RE: Omron - M7 Intelli IT
Updated  Feb 18 2021
3 Replies

When powered up, unit displays e-04 and after initial boot it displays e-20 I have a service manual but there is no mention of either code. Any ideas?

RE: Smiths Medical - Surgivet V6004

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