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Updated  Jul 22 2021
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My centrifuge is displaying error 1 frequently

RE: Nuve - NF 1200/1200R
Updated  Jul 7 2021
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Does any one have the service manual? Thanks.

RE: Hettich - MIKRO 185
Added  Jun 29 2021
0 Replies

how i can solve this error

RE: Centurion Scientific - K2042
Updated  Jun 29 2021
3 Replies

Can this model be calibrated with a tacho

Updated  Jun 29 2021
4 Replies

The centrifuge displays "S7 system error". This error comes on after power outages. My warranty is out. I did "clear-911-enter" and it did not work. Please DO NOT give obvious answers such as "call the service people".

RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
2 Replies

I have a Beckman Coulter GS-15R centrifuge with a S4180 rotor using four buckets. The centrifuge itself is level, but the rotor is not (the drive shaft is not quite vertical). This is causing the bottom of the buckets at low speeds to scrape against the thermistor and I think it is also causing imbalance issues (I can't run it even with empty buckets above 2000 rpm). Any help on how to correct this?

RE: Beckman Coulter - GS-15/GS-15R
Updated  Jun 4 2021
1 Reply

Please i need user manual of GR4i Centrifuge. tank's

RE: Thermo Scientific - Jouan CR4i
Updated  Jun 1 2021
1 Reply

Anyone know the Manufacturer recommended PM Frequency for this Centrifuge? All I can find in any manual or by calling them is "regularly".

RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-15R
Updated  May 25 2021
6 Replies

What are the acceptable limits for tachometer checking this centrifuge (set at 13,000 RPM)

RE: Heraeus - Biofuge 13 3637
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I am looking for the PM procedure to follow in maintaining this new cell washer (3). The service manual only covers replacement of boards and sensors and calibration afterward.. I do not see any reference to normal PM procedures though. I will look through the operator manual to see if anything is there, but I would not expect this to be in an operator manual. Does anyone else out there have a procedure to follow on these? thanks if anyone knows.. mrstan

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - CW3 Cell Washer

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