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Updated  Dec 6 2023
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our machine has stopped working and displays the error e30

after looking through the manual, it says replace pcb, unfortunately, they are no longer made and the only ones i can find are in America from used machines.

i have 2 questions

1, do you think its worth sending the pcb off to a company that repairs pcbs to see if it can be fixed (i have asked a few near me but they dont work on centrifuges)

2, if so, is the pcb the same as the main board, on the schematics, it looks like it is but in the instructions, it refers to main board and pcb seperately.

many thanks and i appreciate any help

RE: Sorvall - Legend T/RT Plus
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Unit trips internal 4 amp breaker after 2-3 seconds. Any previous experience on this issue? Thanks  

RE: Drucker Diagnostics - 853VES
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Power unit on, lid locks, 5 min light comes on SOLID, if I push any other buttons it beeps twice and lights go out and no other responses register. I see 5 min error code is when it’s Flashing right ?? For lid lock error? Maybe it’s not registering locked lid? But it is a solid light on 5 min. Thanks 

Equipment: Iris International - StatSpin Express 4

RE: Iris International - StatSpin Express 4
Updated  Nov 20 2023
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My  Sero-Fuge 2001 is not spinning. I replaced the PCB and motor, but it doesn't  spin.

Any suggestions?

RE: BD - Serofuge 2001
Updated  Nov 19 2023
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Have this Express4 , it locks lid and beeps twice when powers on, but no lights or reactions to any buttons, any ideas ?

Equipment: Iris International - StatSpin Express 4

RE: Iris International - StatSpin Express 4
Updated  Nov 13 2023
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How to solved this error please help me anyone

Equipment: Hettich - EBA 200

RE: Hettich - EBA 200
Added  Nov 11 2023
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Can anyone share a schematic and/or service manual for the Eppendorf 5415D centrifuge?



Equipment: Eppendorf 5415D centrifuge

RE: EPPENDORF - Microcentrifuge 5415 D
Updated  Sep 27 2023
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Instruction manual

Equipment: NF 800R

RE: Nuve - NF 800/800R
Added  Sep 8 2023
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I am getting error code 5, how do I find a manual

RE: Awel International - MF 48 & MF 48-R
Updated  Sep 2 2023
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For 5 years my rotofix 32A worked very well. Actually after 8 minutes of rotation the centrifuge get hot to very hot inside . This exposes the blood drawing tubes to high temperatures and could damages analysis. What should I do

Equipment: Hettich - ROTOFIX 32 A

RE: Hettich - ROTOFIX 32 A

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