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Added  Sep 26 2022
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What's rotor radius please? I can't find it.

RE: Thermo Scientific - Jouan BB/BBVV/BB3V
Added  Sep 15 2022
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Hello, I require the service manual of Jouan KR422 OR provide me technical support on how to solve “ No Motor Spin problem”. Thanks

RE: Thermo Scientific - KR422
Added  Sep 1 2022
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how do I tighten the rotor, that holds the buckets? trying to find in manual and cannot find.

RE: Thermo IEC - Centra CL3 Series
Added  Jul 25 2022
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I checked the service manual and it said that this error means that a connection in the frequency converter circuit is loose. I checked all the connections and they all seemed to be fine. Do I need to replace the board at this point?

Added  Jul 6 2022
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Sorvall RC3B Centrifuge will not operate when the start button is pushed. When start is depressed, a short buzzing sound is heard, then nothing. Normally when the Start button is depressed the refrigeration system starts up followed by the centrifuge motor in sequence. I do not have a manual. Any ideas?

RE: Sorvall - RC-3BP
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Hello, I have this Hermle - Z206-A centrifuge that presents me with error 60, which is "Undervoltage in the intermediate circuit" Does anyone know how it can be solved?

RE: Hermle - Z206-A
Added  Jul 5 2022
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Hello, my lab has a Heraeus Megafuge 1.0R that we need to move to a new building. Should I try to remove the rotor before moving? If so, where can I find instructions to do so? I downloaded the User Manual, but instructions for Rotor Exchange are missing. Thanks

RE: Heraeus - Megafuge 1.0R
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Where can I find the service manual for Eppendorf 5301 Vacufuge?

RE: EPPENDORF - Concentrator 5301
Added  Jun 21 2022
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Can I get the Service manual so I can properly troubleshoot Error 36?

RE: Sorvall - ST 40

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