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Added  Jan 22 2021
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GFMD - Silencer S2210R
I need to know what the specific refrigerant charge is and what type of refrigerant the centrifuge use.

RE: GFMD - Silencer S2210R
Updated  Jan 21 2021
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Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC-3C Plus
I tried to do the equilibrium rotor/chamber temp. It stops and gives me error 7 and System failure flashing.

RE: Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC-3C Plus
Updated  Jan 20 2021
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what causes L7 and L10 errors

RE: Centrifuge
Updated  Jan 11 2021
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May i know what the meaning of A8 error code meaning? Anybody can help me please?

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Hettich - ROTOFIX 32 A
Hi, I saw a -d-error in Rotofix 32 after opening the emergency door! Can you please tell me how can I fix it?

RE: Hettich - ROTOFIX 32 A
Added  Jan 6 2021
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Ample Scientific - Champion E-33

RE: Ample Scientific - Champion E-33
Updated  Jan 10 2021
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Thermo Fisher Scientific - Jouan B4i Series
on checking the PCB I found the resistors R114 R35 and R2 totally burn out; I want to have their value to try to change them

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Jouan B4i Series
Added  Dec 30 2020
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Beckman Coulter - Avanti JXN Series
Hello. Does anybody have the password for Service Mode for the Avanti JXN Series Centrifuge?

RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti JXN Series
Added  Dec 23 2020
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Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22
Do you have an illustrated parts breakdown for the Allegra x22?

RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22

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