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Added  Oct 18 2021
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guys I need the full manual for Roche - Cobas 8000

RE: Roche - Cobas 8000
Added  Oct 16 2021
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I need the admistrator password for the AU 400. Could any one help plz

RE: Olympus - AU400e
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NEED Vital Scientific - Microlab 300 SERVICE PASSWORD PLEASE

RE: Vital Scientific - Microlab 300
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Problem in cobas integra 400 No temperature cassette and analyzer . hardware problem has been detected in cuvette controller Massage ID 14.3234.04.041.037

RE: Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
Added  Sep 16 2021
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What list of tests can be performed by urit 880

RE: URIT - 880
Added  Sep 15 2021
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Good morning. Please how possible is it to use other reagents like bio base reagents in bs230 other than mindray reagents? I saw a video on the YouTube and the engineer is using other reagents that is not mindray. Below is the YouTube link. Link 1. Link 2. Thanks and am hoping to get your reply soon.

RE: Mindray - BS-230
Added  Sep 14 2021
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Who is the company producing it

RE: BioSystems - Analyzer A25
Added  Sep 13 2021
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cobas integra 400 hardware problem has been detected in the cuvette controller massage ID 14.3324.04.041.037

RE: Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
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this message show during initialization. restart a couple time will go through the initialization. don't know what could be the problem. the horizontal motor seems to be warm.

RE: Horiba Medical - ABX Pentra 400
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I have developed an App that connects my LIS to analyzer Mindray BS-200 using hl7 protocol via TCP. It connected well but the results are not received!!! The analyzer and start Connect successfully but I still cannot transfer the result from our application (The Send button is enabled but we don't receive any HL7 message) would you please advise me of what I've done wrong!!!

RE: Mindray - BS-200

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