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Added  Dec 7 2023
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how to perform a log amp adjustment

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - 717
Updated  Nov 4 2023
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Hi, we need halogen lamps por this analyzer, do you have them? Thank you

Equipment: Atac 8000

RE: Elan Diagnostics - ATAC 8000
Updated  Nov 1 2023
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Does anyone have experience servising these analyzers? After 15 years of servising them an odd issue with automatic gain adjustment is becoming more frequent and we are at a loss how to solve it. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Equipment: Randox - RX Daytona

RE: Randox - RX Daytona
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Hello colleagues, please advice on Cobas Intergra 400+

if someone has last version( 2019 and up) of service manual with schemas & diagrams?

Waiting for your reply in private messages.

Equipment: Roche Cobas Integra 400+

RE: Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
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I got an error message about a hardware problem detected in the fluid controller with the message ID 14.3235.05.011.019.  Do anyone know what's happened and how to fix it?

RE: Roche - Cobas Integra 400 plus
Added  Sep 21 2023
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Best regards.  The equipment show the message DLA/CCM LINK FAULT.  it happens after 20 30 min working well.  Thanks advanced.

RE: Abbott - CELL-DYN 1800
Updated  Sep 21 2023
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i need help about error 13 everything fine but when i calibration start in service mode i found an error 13 witnin 1 minute anyone can help? 

RE: Vital Scientific - Microlab 300
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Dear Team, 

Good day. Please kindly assist with support to recover the Administrator Password of the BT 3000 Plus. Also, please help with the Service Manual. Thanks. My email address is: Kindly treat as urgent. 

RE: Biotechnica - BT 3000 plus
Added  Sep 5 2023
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The Fuji dri-chem NX500i analyzer was showing black plate soiled. Clean black plate. Using the manual procedure, I have clean the black plate but the display of black plate soiled on the screen is still showing. What's the next step?

Equipment: FUJI DRI-CHEM NX500i

RE: Fujifilm - Dri-Chem NX500i

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