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Added  May 21 2023
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Ola amigos, falo do Brasil, obrigado pelas informações do forum, me ajudaram muito.

É possivel imprimir com uma impressora externa, desde ja agradeço.

RE: BioSystems - BTS 310
Added  May 14 2023
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Dear  All,

Pls help to find the  Sinothinker - SK3002B1    opration manual.

RE: Sinothinker - SK3002B1
Added  May 14 2023
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Dear All,

Anyone can send Sinothinker - SK3002B1 operation manual  pls.

RE: Sinothinker - SK3002B1
Updated  Apr 30 2023
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Hello everybody, please I need Operating manual for Udichem 310 chemistry analyzer 

Added  Mar 11 2023
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Can you send me the manual for midray 480 Equipment: Mindray 480

RE: Mindray - BS-480
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I have a need to store the result on an external computer in Excel format How can this be done? Can I just get a Floppy disk reader to connect and read the 2nd floppy disk of the machine in my local computer? Please help. Thank you very much

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - 717
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The Aquakem 600 literature claims that between 100 - 200 microliters of total sample reaction volume. What is the sample volume (relative to the total volume, i.e., 0.01 mL sample to 0.2 mL total volume)?

RE: Thermo Scientific - Aquakem 600
Added  Feb 11 2023
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How can I obtain the API of my machine?

Equipment: BioSystems - Analyzer A25

RE: BioSystems - Analyzer A25
Updated  Jan 31 2023
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Copy of user manual

Equipment: Pentra400

RE: Horiba Medical - ABX Pentra 400
Added  Jan 4 2023
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Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to read the user manual of this equipment if possible. I would need to know whether some special parameters can be measured or not: vitamin B12 and folic acid. Thank you! Istvan Novak

RE: Thermo Scientific - Konelab PRIME 60

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