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Updated  Oct 29 2020
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Sinothinker - SK5002
am kindly requesting for the product manual

RE: Sinothinker - SK5002
Updated  Jul 22 2020
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Siemens - CA 620/660
Our laboratory is looking to purchase a coagulation analyser and was recommended this model however we would like user feedback on its performance before deciding on the purchase. Thank you in advance.

RE: Siemens - CA 620/660
Updated  Jan 17 2020
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Sysmex - CA 500
Do you sell the rinse bottle w/cap for this unit?

RE: Sysmex - CA 500
Updated  Jul 18 2018
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Operation manual for KC1 Delta coagulation monitor Version 2.31 On switch ON temp field is blank Language is German instead of English

Updated  Apr 2 2018
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Beckman Coulter - ACL Elite Pro
Does anyone have a operators manual for the ACL Elite/ Elite Pro? I see some one asked 6 years ago, thought maybe by now there would be one. thank you.

RE: Beckman Coulter - ACL Elite Pro
Updated  Jan 5 2018
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Beckman Coulter - ACL 9000
can anyone help me with this code? I just did the PM and all the controls were fine. then I got a call from the lab and they said they ran a patient and got this.

RE: Beckman Coulter - ACL 9000
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we got EM88A Chemsitry & Coagulation Analyzer two years ago ,now the software is a little , who could give us new software and guidance ? The local dealer is not in this business , and we are helpless

RE: Coagulation Analyzer
Updated  Jun 10 2017
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Looking for a manufacture in Europe that can provide coagulation analyzer that will perform the following tests: APTT, D-Dimer, INR, PT, as well as, supply reagents, and provide maintenance.

RE: Coagulation Analyzer
Added  Jun 4 2017
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Siemens - BCS XP
How much is the cost including soft and hardware

RE: Siemens - BCS XP
Added  Aug 25 2016
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Beckman Coulter - ACL 3000

Good Day, I would like to know the procedures which are involved in obtaining the manual for the Beckman Coulter ACL 3000.

RE: Beckman Coulter - ACL 3000

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