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Updated  Jun 7 2022
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need operators manual displays low battery

RE: CooperSurgical - Frigitronics CE-2000
Updated  Jun 15 2020
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I am searching for a brochure, technical data and budgetary price

RE: Boston Scientific - ICEfx
Updated  Jun 4 2020
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Can i just buy the gun not including the gage for this Wallach - LL100 with serial number 4-90-12 BW? Thanks

RE: Wallach - LL100
Updated  Oct 30 2019
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Anyone have the 9 digit service passcode?

RE: Zimmer - Cryo 6
Added  Nov 30 2015
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I am in search of a service manual for a Wallach WA-5000 Pain Blocker. Is there anywhere to get information, parts, and or manual for these?


RE: Wallach - WA-5000
Added  Jul 27 2015
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Cooper Surgical Frigitronics model CE822000 out of 3 probes only one will reach -80 degrees the other 2 probes will work in another unit, is this the unit not working or possibly the probes are malfunctioning, other unit is a different model and is newer.

RE: CooperSurgical - Frigitronics CE-2000

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