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Scan stops while doing patient and operator has to completely restart the equipment to continue. We have the errors 11-10F0-02, 11-1010-02,11-10F2-02

RE: GE Healthcare - HiSpeed Series
Updated  Jul 2 2021
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need help with Phillips mx 4000

RE: Philips - MX 4000
Added  Jun 28 2021
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Im looking for the CE Certificate of that System Model

RE: Siemens - Somatom Emotion
Updated  Jun 27 2021
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Hi All when i start the toshiba aquilion 64 ... the error code ..Error in Table reached outer limit .code {0xb1680000} dev{0x00010001} Pno{1} please help me thank you Be safe

RE: Toshiba - Aquilion 64
Updated  Jun 25 2021
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I have been trying to find a popping noise that occurs during Tube Warm-ups and intermittently during the day while scanning. Apparently this has been happing on this unit since install (unit is 3 years old) and no one including GE has been able to find the issue. It is not the tube or tank as they have both been replaced and the new items didn't not effect a change. Anyone run into this on a GE scanner before? What do you guys suggest I look for? The popping noise sounds more mechanical than that of an electrical pop.

Updated  Jun 24 2021
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Please i got trouble whith tilt of the.ct brigthspeed i need some help about the tilt failure

RE: GE Healthcare - BrightSpeed Series
Added  Jun 24 2021
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somebody have a service or installation manual for hitachi eclos 16, please send a copy . thank you in advance my email add : aldrin_serrano.ph26@gmail.com

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - ECLOS 16
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when system turn on display the error: The data transfer system in the gantry is abnormal code[0xb7100020] dev[0x00010007] pno[1] all power supplies in stationary and rotatory section are ok but GCIFV1 status is Red in some LED'S like LED 69,70,94,95 and LED 135 XSYNC STOP and GCIFV2,V3 boards status are normal. anyone help me if known about this error regards, Bahu

RE: Toshiba - Aquilion 64
Updated  Jun 13 2021
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Hi All when i start the toshiba aquilion 64 ... the error code ..Error in image data disk ( battery ) .code {0x00000014} dev{0x00080000} Pno{8000} please help me and where are the battery location? thank you Be safe

RE: Toshiba - Aquilion 64
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One UPS installed on scanner and put automatically on bypass mode Technical specification scanner require for UPS setting

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - ECLOS 16

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