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Added  Nov 20 2020
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Hello.need to buy used cytoflex.anybody can help. Thank you

RE: Beckman Coulter - CytoFLEX
Added  Jan 30 2020
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Would you be able to tell me the optimal cell count for sorting? Thanks.

RE: Partec - CyFlow Space
Added  Feb 20 2019
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We would like to perform doublet discrimination on our machine but cannot find a peak signal option in our list to assign to AUX parameter. How we can find it? Thanks a lot.

RE: Beckman Coulter - Cytomics FC 500
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AQUIOS How it Works Part 2 Automation

RE: Beckman Coulter - AQUIOS CL
Added  Dec 14 2016
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AQUIOS how it works part 1

RE: Beckman Coulter - AQUIOS CL
Added  Feb 13 2016
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My BD Accuri C6 displays the message- refill sheath fluid- while the tank is almost full?

Takes more than usual time to analyze samples?

any hints? what is the problem?

thanks Joel

RE: Accuri Cytometers - C6 Flow Cytometer
Updated  Sep 21 2015
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Dear !

This is Alex from SunTech Co., Ltd.(South Korea)

We are very interested in your product.

We think your product will meet our needs.

Would you please send your quotation for set of your product?[CyFlow Cube 8]

* 2 laser 6 parameter ( 4color)

- 488nm 50mW solid strate laser

- 638nm 25 mW diode laser



502, Sinjeongjungang-ro 52, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea(South)

RE: Partec - CyFlow Cube 8
Added  Feb 19 2015
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what are the 16 optical parameters in partec flowcytometry

RE: Partec - CyFlow ML
Added  Feb 10 2015
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Several times now, when I open the fluidics drawer, the tubing connected to the filter with the pinch roller attached, becomes disconnected from the filter and sheath fluid fills the drawer. Each that this has happened I reconnect the tubing and push it down as far as it will go, however, it comes off again a few weeks later. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, do you know what is causing the tubing to become disconnected and how can I prevent it?

RE: BD - FACSCalibur

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