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Updated  Apr 24 2012
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Please help me to explain in more detail: How to change the Filter?

I have change the new Filter, but after changing, the signal was not good. So i must replace with old Filter. I coudln't understand why.


RE: Beckman Coulter - Cytomics FC 500
Added  Mar 1 2012
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how long can FACSCount reagents stay at room without having their potence affected?

RE: Generic - FACSCount
Added  Jul 29 2011
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My DOS software send me a caution about the memory which became less than 20 kb, how can increase my memory in spite of I have about 36 GP in ‘D’ drive not used.

RE: Beckman Coulter - Epics XL and XL-MCL
Updated  Jul 7 2011
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by what principle does the facscount machine works on?  how are the blood samples analysed?  What is the essence of the diluent?

RE: Generic - FACSCount
Updated  Dec 30 2010
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upto what concentration of antigen(in terms of microgram/ picogram) can be detected the factors which effects the senstivity.

RE: BD - FACSCalibur

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