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Updated  Sep 12 2021
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Please, anyone has the service manual of PRIMEDIC DEFI-CHARGER?

RE: Metrax-Primedic - DefiMonitor
Added  Sep 9 2021
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I have a Zoll M series that gives a pacer 61000p and Trn Ampl errors on Netech 3000 analyzer

RE: Zoll - M Series
Updated  Sep 7 2021
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Physio Controls LifePak 12/15 - I have several of these batteries which are 10 years old which generate a failure notice when charging. They appear to be good, but coded to fail after the ten year mark has been passed. My customer wants to use the LifePak 12 he has for training purposes. Is there any info out there on how to get around the fail alert? Thanks Bruce

RE: Physio-Control - Lifepak 12
Updated  Aug 30 2021
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Unable to attach the NIBP hose to the monitor - the bayonet fitting goes just over the end of the NIBP fitting monitor side, but then just appears to be "stuck", it will not press on all the way and lock. I have utilized multiple hoses with fittings and none will attach. Is replacement of the NIBP fitting on the monitor indicated?

RE: Zoll - M Series
Updated  Aug 18 2021
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hello, i am student and i have a homework about especification and general information about the Zoll PD 2000, i wonder if you guys could provide me with ha information. thank you.

RE: Zoll - PD 2000
Updated  Aug 2 2021
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I have the equipment I have heatstart mrx units telling me nibp and co2 caibrations are due and I assume this can be accessed via service menu. What I am lacking is a service password. can you help me out?

RE: Philips - HeartStart MRx
Updated  Jul 19 2021
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How to enter service mode on defibrillator zoll e series?

RE: Zoll - E Series
Updated  Jul 10 2021
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I have a zoll e series with spo2 comm error. Can anyone help?

RE: Zoll - E Series

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