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Updated  Oct 23 2020
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GE Healthcare - Marquette MAC 1200
The coin cell is at 3.25 VDC. The hardware test states that system memory and static memory both errored out. Is this a coin cell issue or the main board? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

RE: GE Healthcare - Marquette MAC 1200
Updated  Oct 26 2020
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Burdick - 8500
We are looking for the paper door of Burdick 8500. The part number is 10-00492-01S. The manufacture discontinue the part.

RE: Burdick - 8500
Updated  Oct 18 2020
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GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD
I purchased a Mac5000 used. Everything is in working order (screen, printing, sound) except I cannot get a ECG tracing. Ran diagnostics and it seems that the acquisition module is connected/recognized by the main unit but I am not getting signal through the leads. States all leads disconnected when running diagnostic check. I try plugging leads in but none are displaying and keeps saying disconnected. If it helps it states "limb leads disconnected" as well in main EKG screen. Any ideas?

RE: GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD
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Burdick - Quest
System is stuck at Quest - "starting up" at 100%. Is there anything we can do to resolve this issue. We restarted the system few times, used to work in the past, no longer does. Thank you, Mel

RE: Burdick - Quest
Added  Sep 29 2020
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Cardioline - Delta 60 Plus
I ask you please help : "printer error" appear on display

RE: Cardioline - Delta 60 Plus
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GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD
Hi I need the lcd part number that goes in the GE Mac 5500 HD ekg machine. I meant to take a picture of what type the lcd was but forgot. If anyone has the part number for just the LCD please let me know or I'll just have to take it back apart and get it. I will appreciate any help with this issue. I don't need the full assemble part number I just need the lcd scree itself part number and manufacture. Thanks

RE: GE Healthcare - MAC 5500HD
Updated  Sep 23 2020
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GE Healthcare - Mac 2000
I have a Problem in Display , When im start the machine display showes some colure strips on it, and other functions will not work

RE: GE Healthcare - Mac 2000
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GE Healthcare - Marquette MAC 5500
I am trying to locate the IP and MAC address for our company

RE: GE Healthcare - Marquette MAC 5500
Updated  Aug 20 2020
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GE Healthcare - MAC VU360
How do I turn on ECG Analysis/Interpretation on the above Machine

RE: GE Healthcare - MAC VU360
Updated  Aug 17 2020
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Burdick - 8300
I would like the user manual please

RE: Burdick - 8300

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