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Updated  Nov 23 2022
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Looking to purchase replacement parts for the Cadwell Sierra II Wedge. Base, Amp, stimulator. Can you help?

Equipment: Cadwell Laboratories - Sierra II Wedge

RE: Cadwell Laboratories - Sierra II Wedge
Added  Oct 19 2022
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Hello, how are you, sorry for bothering you but I wanted to see if to clean the equipment of P-20 ,I should use specialized equipment or I can use a brush. Beforehand thank you very much.

RE: Cadwell Laboratories - Sierra Summit
Added  Sep 6 2022
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We have acquired this equipment, but we dont have the information to make the wired conecction with the patient durign somato sensory evoked potentials of the upper limb test. We gratefull some pdf file to mede the tests

Equipment: Natus - Nicolet EDX

RE: Natus - Nicolet EDX
Added  Dec 25 2021
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Does anybody have service manual of "Xltek protektor 32 acquisition".

RE: XLTEK - Protektor System
Added  Oct 19 2021
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Hi there, I need help with finding an installation version of the basic software pack for MEB 9200. I have all the hardware, but it's unusable as there's no PC or CDs/DVDs with it. Every help will be greatly appreciated Thank you

RE: Nihon Kohden - MEB-9200A
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Help. Machine keeps restoring factory defaults. Whats wrong with machine? Each time I try to re add information, it gives me alert it has to restore factory defaults

RE: XLTEK - Neuromax 1002
Added  Sep 17 2021
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Hey everyone, I have some problem, when the I turn on, it requires an user and password, but I don't know what could it be. Tried put "nicolet", but it's not working, someone knows how can reset?

RE: XLTEK - Neuromax 1002
Updated  Sep 7 2021
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What would cause the amp to not show impedance values on leads

RE: Cadwell Laboratories - Cascade
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I have a UltraPro S100 system in my center but I'm new here and they don't know the user/password to use Synergy nor have the reinstallation CD. Do you know how to reset the user/password or how to reinstall it?

Updated  May 29 2021
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How can I get an user manual for this machinne

RE: Medelec/TECA - EMG/EP Plinth System T

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