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Updated  Jun 2 2021
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I need the power moffet numeracion

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Valleylab - Force 2
The cuag LCD display still 1 and the up and down button not functioning what should I do?

RE: Valleylab - Force 2
Updated  May 24 2021
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Bovie - Icon GP
Hi, I have a problem with two Icon GP, that were recently bought. Both work well when activating cut and coaguation with the handpiece. However, when I try to activate cut and coagulation from the pedal there´s no output power. I believe the pedal works correctly because when I press the yellow pedal, I can observe on the screen that cut is selected but I have no output. The same occurs with coagulation.

RE: Bovie - Icon GP
Added  May 24 2021
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Eschmann - TD 850
How to change prefered presets? Set instument and power options for operations, and want to save it. How it can be made?

RE: Eschmann - TD 850
Updated  May 11 2021
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Valleylab - Force 2
Need Bipolar calibration procedure for serial number: FSH27920T

RE: Valleylab - Force 2
Updated  May 10 2021
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ERBE - VIO 300 S
Hi everyone! I'm contacting you because we have an issue with a Erbe VIO 300S, which starts with a B51 error message. The entire message is "B 51 invalid socket configuration". Is there anyone who could help me to solve this problem? I think there is a setting to do in the Setup menu, but I can't even access it, because of this message error... Thanks for your help!

RE: ERBE - VIO 300 S
Added  May 6 2021
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Valleylab - Force EZ
Hi. We have a Valleylab Force EZ which is giving error 161. Also when trying to do a calibration no voltage is seen on the voltmeter. The K2 relay (CUT) and FET's are ok, no shortages. Any help please? Thanks

RE: Valleylab - Force EZ
Added  May 5 2021
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Valleylab - Force FX
Hello. Getting an occasional error 164 when using bipolar function. Manual says microcontroller error. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

RE: Valleylab - Force FX
Updated  Apr 29 2021
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Conmed - Hyfrecator 2000
Can't find a good ground for EST......don't really want to crack this thing open

RE: Conmed - Hyfrecator 2000
Updated  Apr 28 2021
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Valleylab - LigaSure
.Does anyone have access to the owners manual for this machine? To clarify, the manual on MedWrench is for the force triad system, I am need just the ligasure system. Would be willing to purchase if needed or pdf would be best. Thanks.

RE: Valleylab - LigaSure

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