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Added  Dec 6 2023
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When stepping on the yellow pedal, no output (sound/heat) is apparent, ruling out the foot pedal as the issue, any ideas, user or Hardware?

RE: Bovie - Specialist Pro
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Covidien has issued a device correction to resolve these errors.  

As a part of the investigation into this issue, it was noted that upon insertion of a new (unused) LigaSure TM device, theValleylab TM FT10 Energy Platform running software versions 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 may erroneously indicate that the LigaSureTM device was used previously. When this occurs, the energy platform will display error "E420 Usage Limit" or error "E416 Unknown Instrument," and the LigaSure TM device would not be allowed to be used. 

Upgrading the Valleylab TM FT10 Energy Platform to the newly released software version 4.0.4 will eliminate this issue.  Software will be provided by Covidien at no charge.

RE: Valleylab - FT10
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FT10  IT come with bead power supply . I think it will be easy to do. So I bought  used from ebay. But after installing I have E233. 

RE: Valleylab - FT10
Updated  Nov 9 2023
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There is a malfunction in the device and it gives an audio alarm and the control panel for cutting and ironing does not light up

Equipment: Valleylab - Force EZ-C

RE: Valleylab - Force EZ-C
Updated  Nov 7 2023
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Hi to all,

Can anyone help me in my problem. My force triad is always green light on REM indicator and when i put my disposable and reusable grounding cable on the REM indicator turn red and indicate a REM alarm. Please help me on this issue.

I already replace some parts but the problem is still the same and no error indicates on the unit.

Regards to all.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Oct 23 2023
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I have error 214, what does this mean?

RE: Olympus - ESG-100
Updated  Sep 28 2023
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Errors 212 and 217 flash alternately in my device. There is no such error in the service manual. Does anyone know what this is about?

RE: Covidien - Force FX
Added  Sep 28 2023
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I have a problem, my force fx displays errors 212/217 alternately. There is no such error as 217 in the service manual. Does anyone know what it means? In the device in service mode, there are 10 steps, but in the service manual there are only 8 steps described. How to calibrate step 9 and 10?


RE: Valleylab - Force FX-C
Updated  Sep 19 2023
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I come across E-213 on Valley lab - FT10. Resetting was something I tried, but it didn't work. Please let me know if you have any success or become aware of any potential problems.

RE: Valleylab - FT10
Updated  Sep 13 2023
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service manual

Equipment: Valleylab - FT10

RE: Valleylab - FT10

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