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Updated  Oct 14 2021
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I need some of suggests about this error please

RE: Valleylab - Force FX-C
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I need cal impedance of patient electrode. The esu show error 022

RE: LED - Surtron 400
Updated  Oct 11 2021
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The service manual I'm looking for is for the older version than the one provided. The one I need does not say "Plus PC". Mine is the predecessor to the Plus PC. Thanks!

RE: Conmed - Aspen Excalibur
Updated  Oct 7 2021
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Dear All , An Engineer replace on The electronic Board the TimeKeeper M4T32-BR12SH6 and after this the resectoscope Tool it does not recognized and the message given is " Invalid instrument " . We tried with a new cable and the problem was the same " Invalid instrument" The software version is 3.6. Any idea what might cause this issue? Thanks in advance

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Oct 1 2021
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I have two light source Richard Wolf model number 5131, the machine is behaving strange, after ignition the xenon bulb the xenon bulb turned off after few minutes with a single beep. there is no issue of heating and supply. please suggest. naeembashir35@gmail.com

RE: Richard Wolf - 5131
Updated  Sep 30 2021
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someone who can help me with the conmed saber 180 service manual, thanks

RE: Conmed - Sabre 180
Updated  Sep 25 2021
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Which transformer used, can i get specification?

RE: Ellman International - Surgitron FFPF EMC
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I need an operating and service manual for the coblator II please.

RE: Smith and Nephew - ArthroCare Cobolator II
Updated  Sep 20 2021
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I need pedal for cut and coag for ERBE VIO 300S

RE: ERBE - VIO 300 S
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How is it going guys! I've a force 2 here and he's not working properly. He works just fine with hand switchs, however in the footpedal isn't, its activating the equipament, i can hear the sound, relay however nothing in the hand, no cut or cog

RE: Valleylab - Force 2

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