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Updated  Feb 18 2021
Updated  Feb 16 2021
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DRE - ASG-300
What is the possible cause of fault E4 with the DRE ASG-300?

RE: DRE - ASG-300
Updated  Feb 8 2021
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Valleylab - ForceTriad
What are the possible reasons for the ESU to be blowing fuses

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
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Gyrus ACMI - ACMI Vista CTR Generator
I have recently bought a used ACMI Vista CTR Electrosurgical Generator. It is missing the User's Manual and connecting cables for the endoscopy. Could you please help me to get the manual and model numbers of available connecting cables and adapters. Thank you.

RE: Gyrus ACMI - ACMI Vista CTR Generator
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Megadyne - Mega Power
Hello, I'm looking for the Megadyne Field Calibration software and calibration procedure to solve a Megadyne Mega Power error. Can you kindly provide this? Best regards,

RE: Megadyne - Mega Power
Updated  Jan 14 2021
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Ellman International - Surgitron FFPF EMC
Hi! Ive got a unit that needs a new vacuum tube. I cant find a direct replacement. Ive read that some people have had success with a 6146B style tube but when I tried this the unit wouldnt power on. Has anyone had success replacing the original tube with something comparable ? Or does anyone know of a source for the original tube?

RE: Ellman International - Surgitron FFPF EMC
Added  Jan 1 2021
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B. Braun - GN300
User and service manual

RE: B. Braun - GN300
Updated  Dec 23 2020
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Valleylab - SSE2L
La manche fonctionne bien mais la coagulation et la coupure ne fonctionne pas. Tout les fusible marche. aidez moi Svp

RE: Valleylab - SSE2L
Updated  Jan 3 2021
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Ethicon - Pegasys
After boot up two beep and not working

RE: Ethicon - Pegasys

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