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Updated  Aug 26 2022
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Hi, my force ez doesn't make any of the modes (cut 1&2, coag 1) except coag 2 (spray) and then it shows error 163, does anybody know what is the meaning of this error?

Equipment: Valleylab - Force EZ

RE: Valleylab - Force EZ
Added  Aug 13 2022
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Equipment: ERBE - ICC 80

Updated  Aug 12 2022
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So I've gotten a couple of units that get E275, it's usually indicated by flashing screens and the ligasure screen being dimmed. I was wondering if this is also a common issues with other techs, and what their go to solutions are. I'm trying to figure out how brightness is involve, because on a occasions when this error happens when you activate the Brightness button and put it into Dim mode the unit starts working fine. Activate the brightness and the unit starts thinking there is something in ligasure 1 or 2 dimming that screen and forcing the rest of the unit to lock out any other hand devices.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Aug 3 2022
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Hello Guys My force fx esu works absolutley fine when the cut and coag levels are less than 100w Post 100w the output comes and in some seconds it displays error 160 & 161 and sometimes error 159

Equipment: Valleylab - Force FX-C

RE: Valleylab - Force FX-C
Updated  Jul 29 2022
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What is the limit for the REM/Neutral

RE: Ellman International - Surgitron Dual RF120
Updated  Jul 8 2022
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The machine is showing error code ACC F5, what is the meaning.

RE: Conmed - System 5000
Updated  Jun 17 2022
Updated  Jun 14 2022
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So I have an error that only occurs if I do a self test after I turn the device on. It passes the initial auto self test on start, but if I do a self test manually I get these error 345 and 347, which are REM Data and REM I2C send fail. Does anyone have any experience solving this issue?

RE: Valleylab - FT10
Updated  Jun 3 2022
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Where can I print an user manual for the Force FX?

RE: Valleylab - Force FX
Added  May 30 2022
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Estaría necesitando el Manual de servicio. Les gradeceria si me lo pueden pasar. Saludos Fabio

RE: Conmed - Bircher 4400

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