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Valleylab - ForceTriad
We purchased a Valleylab Force Triad from Avante Surgical a couple months ago. Our requests for help to Avante have went unanswered. The patient return electrode is a stainless pad style, not a split pad style. With the split pad, I understand that the REM system is measuring resistance between the pads to determine if there is good patient contact prior to initiating power output, as a safety measure to reduce burns. With the solid pad, there can be no such measurement. I see different connection wires listed for solid pads vs split pads. It appears from pictures, that the wires for solid pads are simply a modified split pad cable that have had a resistor soldered in line on each monitoring wire, which would trick the REM system in to believing there is good patient contact. Is it a reasonable to believe that we have been shipped the wrong cord for our solid paddle. That is, a measurement of the resistance of each wire, to show less than 5 ohms, is indicative of a cable intended for a split paddle.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Added  Nov 28 2020
Added  Nov 21 2020
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Karl Storz - Autocon 400 ii
Activation during power up ! A-12 How can i solve this problem?

RE: Karl Storz - Autocon 400 ii
Updated  Nov 11 2020
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Valleylab - ForceTriad
I changed the screen and now there is a big C display screen I dont see anything online? Is there a way to get it off.

RE: Valleylab - ForceTriad
Updated  Nov 5 2020
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Valleylab - SSE2L
Good Afternoon, My office needs to know which grounding pads are compatible with the above listed device. Please advise. Thank you. Pattie

RE: Valleylab - SSE2L
Added  Nov 4 2020
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Ellman International - AcuSect
Hi, does anyone have a SM for it?

RE: Ellman International - AcuSect
Added  Nov 3 2020
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Megadyne - Mega Power
Hi I have an error 205 on a Mega Power ESU - Reviewed the service manual on this and have removed all switches from the unit and on power up I still receive the same error - No broken terminals in any of the connections or anything indicating a short from my perspective. Most all of the contacts provided like SOMA or Johnson and Johnson were unable to assist. Has anyone else ever dealt with this error on one of these ESUs before?

RE: Megadyne - Mega Power
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Valleylab - Force 30/40
Force 40 unit. Several of my resistors are incorrect compared to the manual's parts list. R97,98 150 ohm, 50W according to the manual, unit contains 150 ohm and 100 ohm 50w resistors. The manufacture of both resistors is the same suggesting factory OEM. R14,84 100 ohm 1/4 watt according to the manual, when the unit contains a 56 ohm resistor much bigger than 1/4 watt in the r84 slot. R14 is correct according to the manual at 100ohm 1/4 watt. The PCB painted outline for 84 is much larger than a 1/4 watt resistor, suggesting this is the factory OEM resistor. Finally R69,70 are 510 ohm 1/2 watts according to the manual but 69 is a 4.6k ohm possibly 2watt? based on size. 70 was burnt and I cannot confirm size but the outline confirms it should be much bigger in wattage than the manuals stated 1/2 watt. Attempting to replace R70 with a 4.7k ohm 2 watt does nothing advantageous. I am getting codes #3 #86 #100-104 #111-118 #122 #124 Any help on the color code of R70 would be helpful. 4.6k ohm 2 watt resistors look to be unobtainable on the resistor market.

RE: Valleylab - Force 30/40
Updated  Oct 30 2020
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Boston Scientific - RF 3000
Is there a way to find the version of the software installed on the machine. Are there different versions? There are no labels on the unit or information within the manual.

RE: Boston Scientific - RF 3000
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Gyrus ACMI - PK SuperPulse
buenos dias compañeros alguien me podria ayudar con un video de como probar y saber configurarlo para ver su funcionamiento gracias y saludos

RE: Gyrus ACMI - PK SuperPulse

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