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Updated  Nov 26 2023
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Does anyone know where I can just order specially the paper guide for the Philips Avalon FM50 fetal monitors? I know the paper guide comes in the "FM small parts kit- plastic parts and labels," but I don't need all the other parts in the kit, plus it can add up when I need like ten paper guides. Philips doesn't sell the paper guide individually.

FM Small Parts Kit - Plastic Parts and Labels

Item #19 in the service manual.


Page 81 in the manual, page 91 when printing.

RE: Philips - Avalon FM40 and FM50
Updated  Nov 17 2023
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Hello all, 

Can someone help me how to reset the touch screen of Avalon FM30, because it is not accurate, so can't able to press main setup! 

RE: Philips - Avalon FM20 and FM30
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Anybody have issues with TOCO / US not working when you plug into the socket then you unplug and plug back in and they work? Thinking about replacing the 4- block socket connector, but wondering if it could be another (board) issue. 

RE: Philips - Avalon FM40 and FM50
Added  Sep 19 2023
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How to fix the intermittent flickering problem. 

Kind regards.


Equipment: Philips Avalon 30 CTG

RE: Philips - Avalon FM20 and FM30
Updated  Aug 29 2023
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Does anyone have a service manual for this Natus Nicolet verslab apm?

Equipment: Natus Nicolet versalab apm

RE: CareFusion - Nicolet VersaLab APM
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Quelqu'un peut m'avoir son service manual svp

Equipment: biocare IC 60

RE: Biocare - IC 60
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Would anyone have a service manual for the 259CX, or know anything about the paper tray release button getting stuck or going beyond the physical stops inside the faceplate?

RE: GE HealthCare - Corometrics 259
Updated  Jan 30 2023
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what is the meaning of this error code how to fix please

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 series

RE: GE HealthCare - Corometrics 170 Series
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We have a fetal monitor that the NIBP says motion and will not read the blood pressure half of the time. We have tried calibrating the NIBP and swapping out the NIBP board, but the issue was still there. It seems to have more issues with the extra-large cuff. I only got the motion error a few times while hooked up to my simulator with an extra-large cuff, but everything was sitting still. Has anyone ever seen an issue like this or solved this problem?

RE: GE HealthCare - Corometrics 250cx Series
Added  Sep 29 2022
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Does this doppler support RS232 or has this port for EMR communication?

RE: Bovie - AcuDop II Dopplers

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