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Mindray BC -5150 Auto Hematology Analyzer

RE: Mindray - BC-5150
Updated  Jul 5 2021
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There is a constant error on the right analyzer - "Abnormal Liquid Pressure". I suspect a firmware malfunction, so I would like to update it. Does anyone have this firmware? System software V02.08.00.4064. Core V2.08.108. Thanks! Vladimir.

RE: Mindray - BC-5150
Updated  Jul 1 2021
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user manual pdf

RE: Sinothinker - SK8800
Added  Jun 29 2021
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Wbc sampling error ?

RE: Sysmex - XP-300
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We've misplaced the power adapter for our Medonic M16M. Does anyone have the part number? It's not in the service manual. Alternatively, does anyone have one they can sell us? Thank you.

RE: Medonic - M-series
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Human Diagnostics HumaCount 80

RE: Human Diagnostics - HumaCount 80
Added  Jun 23 2021
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Swelab Alfa

RE: Swelab - Alfa
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Reading same...pls help STX]AAAI10P1900000000000200820201914110068002100120035304176520431183041810160424136437015809016314205080000000000001011000001004006725502920701823600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000010060120190280400560781051281601872122362492 ... continue

RE: Mindray - BC-3000Plus
Added  Jun 22 2021
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Diatron Abacus 5

RE: Diatron - Abacus 5

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