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Added  Nov 28 2022
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Please what she i do

Equipment: Mindray - BC-3000Plus

RE: Mindray - BC-3000Plus
Updated  Nov 17 2022
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Hello, I need reagent barcode for Exigo vet eos device, can you help, we can exchange

Equipment: Swelab - Alfa

RE: Swelab - Alfa
Added  Nov 11 2022
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Sir i have problem that rbc ,wbc and plt every thing are **** except hb which is 0.00 at sample black

RE: Mindray - BC-3000Plus
Added  Nov 7 2022
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After all filter clean and maintenance blank error happened.how can fixed blank error?

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Hi, I'm making a software that communicate with Celltac Alpha to get the results. I've searched online and in the manuals and found nothing. Can anyone help please?

RE: Nihon Kohden - Celltac Alpha MEK-6500K
Added  Oct 13 2022
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False PLT high and why?

Equipment: Sysmex - XP-300

RE: Sysmex - XP-300
Added  Oct 7 2022
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CP_CONF_OUT SEV_ERROR OP_OUT E_12C_BUS(248) need to find solution to error presented

Equipment: Swelab

RE: Swelab - Alfa
Added  Sep 27 2022
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Hi, could anyone tell me how many volts should arrive on the reactor (heater) ? Thanks!

Equipment: Sysmex XT-1800i/XT-2000i

Added  Sep 26 2022
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hi, we lost the hard disk with the system. could you help us with the software? i've XS-1000i Thanks

RE: Sysmex - XS-1000i
Added  Sep 23 2022
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Can I export results from your machine to some format I can read into Microsoft excel?

Equipment: Sysmex - XT 4000i

RE: Sysmex - XT 4000i

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