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Updated  Oct 13 2021
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Please assist me, i need service manual for the sysmex hematology analyser xt 1800i and xt 2000i

RE: Sysmex - XT-1800i
Added  Oct 4 2021
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How do I connect the device to the computer and display the results on it?

RE: Sysmex - XP-300
Added  Sep 18 2021
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my Mindray keeps clogging, i've done everything from zapping, flushing, cleaning probe wipe, the default count time for RBC and WBC was 12.5, but when i did the self status it was 16.5 will it solve the problem if i change the count time to 16.5?

RE: Mindray - BC-2800
Added  Sep 4 2021
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all possible trouble shooting have been applied but the vacum pressure error still exist

RE: Mindray - BC-10
Added  Sep 3 2021
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showing wbc value in total neutrophil and other differential showing ++++ and in hb also showing +++.

RE: Mindray - BC-5150
Added  Sep 1 2021
Updated  Sep 1 2021
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What should I do.....the analyser is bringing a word background abnormal on the screen after it switches on? Help me

RE: Mindray - BC-2800
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Erba manheim H560 failled to build vaccum pressure. Removing error does not solve this problem. What may be the possible causes? I need solution.

RE: ERBA - H 560
Updated  Aug 31 2021
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Blank error code 411010.0.0 think kaise kare

RE: Sysmex - XP-100
Updated  Aug 27 2021
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I have a problem in mindray bc 3000 plus it give an error of Background abnormal. Wbc bubles

RE: Mindray - BC-3000Plus

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