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Updated  Feb 15 2021
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The paraffin holding tank/dispenser will not heat to 60C to melt the paraffin. The temperature control can be set to 60+C but remains at room temperature. We are looking for instructions to replace the heating &/or thermocouple element

RE: Shandon-Thermo - HistoCentre 2
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the panel control does not respond to some bootons and so it does not iniciate functions. Itbdisplays all the start menu and only some bootons respond

RE: Leica Biosystems - ST5050 Immunostainer
Updated  Dec 28 2019
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We have purchased a refurbished unit and are looking for a service manual

RE: Shandon-Thermo - HistoCentre 2
Updated  Jan 6 2016
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We have a Surgipath PEC3001 Model 3 Cryoconsole with a "probe fault" anyone seen this before

Added  Mar 20 2012
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I am looking for an operators Manual for a Surgipath PEC3001 Cryo Console.

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