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Updated  Apr 3 2017
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This question is about a LabNet Vortemp56 Temperature Chamber Shaker. I am getting an Error 5 (Err5) after 3 seconds from a Start. The User manual states that this error usually appear when the user open the lid while the unit is running, making a temperature distortion, hence the operation error 5. None of that is the actual case. The error appear just after starting a session. The lid stay close. I suspected the Lid Switch or a sensor broken. It is not the case. If anyone happen to have a service manual for this apparatus it would be greatly appreciated if you could upload it. Cheers

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I have one of these CO2 inbators that has condensation building up around seal on the inside of the glass door. Every time we open the door all the water drops off to the floor. Most annoying. We have replaced inner door seal to no avail. Have tried to see if there is a setting that can bias the door heater to go hotter or cooler to see if the problem can be eliminated. The service manual seems to indicate there may be a setting but have not yet found it.

Any help appreciated - Thank you

RE: Thermo Scientific - 150i and 240i CO2
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I have 2 of 4 Heracell 150's purchased in 2005 whose fan motors died within 1 month of each other. How easy would it be to replace these myself and where can I get parts for it?

RE: Thermo Scientific - 150i and 240i CO2
Added  May 8 2015
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I need user manual, please!

Updated  Mar 3 2015
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I have a Sanyo (now Panasonic) 37 degree C02 incubator.

The tiny C02 replacement filters are $68 each

The part # is 9933 0 5BQ. The O is in Oscar

Is there an aftermarket source for these filters?


Updated  Mar 24 2014
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Hello, i need help on;

Glacier NU-9668 Upright Large Capacity -86°C Ultra Low Freezer, if any service manuel

RE: NuAire - PureCell NU-5100

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