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Hello helpers! I am attempting to branch the gap between Mortara's ELI Link (produces PDF, and XML from the ECG machines)... and MUSE import functionality. So 2 questions around Acquisition profiles... So far, I understand an acquisition profile needs to be setup for the acquisition piece for the PDFs. I am able to get PDFs into the system without issue. The problem here is that all the meta-data around the ECG is contained within the PDF title/File name, and that metadata is not coming through to MUSE. Q: Is there a way to configure MUSE to parse this metadata from the Title of the PDF file, assuming the title follows a common structure? I suspect this may have to do with editing the "Parsing Profile" xml when setting up the acquisition profile. Does documentation exist on how to create a "Parsing Profile"? I suspect this is normally done by GE rep. It is mentioned in the documentation of an "Acquisition Profile Tool", but not sure if that is a separate tool than simply creating the Acquisition Profile inside of MUSE. R^ECG_0^0_^Anja^Stit_20210222141811_31-009-1990.pdf R^{Type}_0^0_^{First_Name}^{Last_Name}_YYYYMMDDhhmmss_{DOB}.pdf Q. XML output. In order to parse a Mortara xml file, would I need just a new DTD correlating to that? Or would there be more than this needed? All the best! As always, Mike Patton

RE: GE Healthcare - MUSE
Updated  May 25 2021
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Could not connect to DB. Please check the network connection. The system will be restarted. Can you help with this please error come on my windows 7, from application image pilot please can u help

RE: Konica Minolta - ImagePilot
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Hello everyone, I have bit of a problem here with my konica minolta image pilot, whe ever i click on the application , instead it show this error message "object reference not set to an instance of an object" and won't start up

RE: Konica Minolta - ImagePilot
Updated  Apr 7 2021
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Image pilot fails to start and returns a message saying that the Service tool is still running. I have no idea how this can be. HELP!!

RE: Konica Minolta - ImagePilot
Updated  Jan 26 2021
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Anyone seen an unusual number of failures related to the video input card on the Stryker SDC3 connected to a Stryker SPI3 system?

RE: Stryker - SDC3
Updated  Dec 29 2020
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Regards. I'm having trouble printing and shipping to the pacs. In the option of 'exit queue' shipments are accumulated and I cannot eliminate them. is in a frozen state in the status"Waiting for image processing".

RE: Fujifilm - FDX Console
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I have to adjust the light and x-ray field on a Medison PX-20HF x-ray. Can anyone help with a service or maintenance manual.

Added  Jan 18 2019
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My scale will not register a weight, stays at "0". Also when I pull on the chain OL appears.

RE: GenesisBPS - Blood Collection Monitor
Added  Jan 3 2019
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The error code shows that Initialization failed. Sensor Error was detected during Initialization, Error Code 07023. The error light is lit. Please help. Thank you.

RE: Konica Minolta - ImagePilot
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Hello, I am searching for the service manual or information about how to gain access the configuration items for the NAS backup of the fujifilm FCRView. Our NAS backups are not functional and we need to check the configuration details such as NAS IP address, paths, and authentication details.

RE: Fujifilm - FCRView

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