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Hello all, 

We have a Baxter / Sigma pump that is displaying the error code 221. Reviewing the SigmaSpectrum service manual the error code represents "User Task Starved" but doesnt give any additional information that I can find. Can anyone provide further guidance into repairing this in house? Or at least some information on what is going on here with this error. 

I have tried the steps to clear the code with no luck. 

On a side note, can anyone recommend a 3rd party repair service? We are currently sending our pumps to AVENTE but their turnout around is horrendous. They still have pumps we sent to them in September. 

RE: Baxter - SIGMA Spectrum
Updated  Nov 17 2023
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Hi, is the battery replacment just plug and play, or the pump has to be serviced in order to change the battery?

RE: Hospira - Q Core Sapphire Infusion System
Updated  Nov 2 2023
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I have one curlin pump 4000 when we try to enter new program requesting  passcode. Can you please help me 

RE: Curlin Medical - 4000 Plus
Updated  Oct 30 2023
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I'm haivng trouble hunting down the calibration kit. Has anyone used a different mfr of syringe pump calibration kit? even googling is a ghost town. Did syringe pumps get outlawed or something?

Equipment: Smiths Medical - Medfusion 3500

RE: Smiths Medical - Medfusion 3500
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Just need service procedure for setting proximal and distal occlusion pressure.

Equipment: Hospira - A+

RE: Hospira - A+
Updated  Sep 3 2023
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The air alarm is on, but not an issue

RE: Baxter - Travenol Flo-Gard 6200
Updated  Aug 30 2023
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I have replaced all of the recommended items listed in this forum for the error, and I am still getting Error 242.4030. // Any ideas???? or please call me at 713-873-4305

Equipment: Alaris (BD) 8100 Module

RE: CareFusion - Alaris 8100
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I have several Medfusion 4000 that initially powered-up as Supercap Post Error, but cleared once the AC was plug and are charging the depleted battery.The Issue now is the FIRMWARE MISMATCH

What's going on and is this something that can be cleared? will I need Software to Connect and is the Software obtainable?

RE: Smiths Medical - Medfusion 4000
Updated  Aug 18 2023
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Two weeks ago I received this device from a customer. I pulled this error code from the logs and found the error definition: "The calibration flag is not set. The module is not calibrated." I preformed a calibration on the device and returned the device to service. The device is now back today with the same issue. 

RE: CareFusion - Alaris 8120 PCA Module
Updated  Aug 10 2023
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how many batteries are in an Xl3 pump

Equipment: abbott lab Plum xl3 infusion pump

RE: Abbott - Plum XL3

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