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Added  Jan 14 2022
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Any idea? how to fix

RE: CareFusion - Alaris 8100
Updated  Jan 14 2022
2 Replies

Any idea? how to fix

RE: CareFusion - Alaris 8100
Updated  Jan 13 2022
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alaris etco2 module. can 2.5% co2 in air be used for calibration?

RE: CareFusion - Alaris EtCO2 Module 8300
Updated  Jan 11 2022
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do you have a user manual

RE: B. Braun - Vista Basic
3 Replies

How do you remove the data and power ports? Is there a certain type of screw driver to use?

RE: Curlin Medical - 6000 CMS
Updated  Jan 10 2022
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Hi everyone, is there anyone who could send me the access codes for a CME pump model T34? Thanks in advance for your help!

RE: CME - T34
Updated  Dec 30 2021
4 Replies

Hi! I have this pump and it keeps giving me the distal air error I already modified the pot for the distal sensor but it keeps popping up the alarm, any advice? Thank you

RE: Hospira - A+
Updated  Dec 28 2021
8 Replies

Hello everyone and thanks for your time and advice! B. Braun Vista Basic with constant downstream occlusion...Device primes, no problem. Each time I select the Prime option, it primes a full 25mL. Replaced occlusion sensor. Completed pressure sensor calibrations. Device still goes in to downstream occlusion alarm. Could it be AIL sensor? Since the device primes and all, I figured it couldn't be the Main PCB or Pump Head Mechanism.

RE: B. Braun - Vista Basic
Updated  Dec 20 2021
1 Reply

Does anyone know the 3-digit pass code to enter admin settings? Thanks!

RE: Smiths Medical - CADD-Solis

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