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Added  Apr 22 2024
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Equipment: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT

RE: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT
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I have a problem with several dual-head Stellant medrad. When I connect them and turn them on, the screen remains blank and the head never turns on, does anyone know what the problem could be?

RE: MedRad - Stellant D
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Hi, 3,3 V, 5V, & 12V ok. Displays nothing. Display Backlight is on.

Equipment: Spectris Solaris EP MR Injection System

RE: MedRad - Spectris Solaris
Added  Mar 1 2024
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need a replacement cord for control screen

Equipment: ACIST - EmpowerCTA

RE: ACIST - EmpowerCTA
Updated  Dec 29 2023
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Anyone know what an error code E.0.8. means on the injector?

RE: MedRad - EnVision CT
Updated  Nov 21 2023
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Medrad Stellant error - FdbkPotentiometerOutOfRangeB

Any ideas on how to fix this error?


Equipment: Medrad Stellant D Certegra

Added  Nov 22 2023
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Does anyone know what this error means:  FdbkPotentiometerOutOfRangeB

RE: MedRad - Stellant
Updated  Nov 20 2023
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touch screen on monitor not working , is there a solution to use mouse and keyboard or another touch screen external

RE: MedRad - Stellant D
Updated  Nov 13 2023
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Hi all,

I'm looking for service manual and password for a Medrad Spectris system.

I have a error 302, 26, 2, 016F70.

Without error code list i'm not able to recognize the problem.

Can someone send me the service manual and password to my mail?

My mail is: 

Thanks in advance, Silvio. 

Equipment: Medrad Spectris

RE: MedRad - Spectris
Added  Nov 13 2023
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Does any engineer out there or service tech have access that I can get a Opitstar elite service manual 


Equipment: Liebel-Flarsheim - Optistat

RE: Liebel-Flarsheim - Optistat

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