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Updated  Oct 28 2020
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Spectranetics - CVX-300
Does anyone have a service manual for this unit? We are trying to move laser service in-house as much as possible. Thanks.

RE: Spectranetics - CVX-300
Updated  Oct 26 2020
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Cynosure - Apogee+
Hi There, Would be greatly appreciated if someone can share the service manual of this device with me. Thank you,

RE: Cynosure - Apogee+
Updated  Oct 26 2020
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Cynosure - Apogee Elite
Is there a clinical reference manual pdf version?

RE: Cynosure - Apogee Elite
Added  Oct 14 2020
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Deka - Synchro HP
Hi all, I am in requiremenr of DEKA SYNCHRO HP laser machine service manual and HVPS Schematic and advanced troubleshooting manual Thanks in advance

RE: Deka - Synchro HP
Updated  Oct 14 2020
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Alma Lasers - Harmony XL
I was gifted a Harmony XL laser but without manual..seeking manual. thank you Be well Dr. Lara

RE: Alma Lasers - Harmony XL
Updated  Oct 14 2020
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Lumenis - Sharplan 40C Surgicenter
We have a Sharplan 1030 laser that is reading "low coolant". We still have a bottle of coolant, but I don't know where to add it.

RE: Lumenis - Sharplan 40C Surgicenter
Added  Oct 10 2020
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Lumenis - LightSheer DUET
Hello, We previously had laser diode over current on the ET handpiece messages and are currently getting E84, E82 error codes laser diode low messages. The previous messages were fixed with refilling the coolant levels. Also, the vacuum function on the HS handpiece has slowed down significantly and takes about 5 seconds to do its job. Based on the fact that there are issues with both hand pieces, I was leaning towards the power supply being the issue. Did anyone ever experience this and can recommend a fix? The ET handpiece has 200k pulses. Thank You

RE: Lumenis - LightSheer DUET
Updated  Oct 7 2020
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Alma Lasers - Soprano ICE
Have somebody the Alma - Soprano ICE Titanium Service Manual. Best Regards

RE: Alma Lasers - Soprano ICE
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NIDEK - YC-1400
Initially I was getting Error 12 sporadically on start up and during use. The bank voltage measured 835v I reduced it to 725v and the unit did not fault on start up and error 12 was gone. But now I get Error 10 sporadically during use. I adjusted the bank voltage up and down incrementally by 5v then 10v (going as low as 710 and as high as 730v) trying to find a sweet spot but no luck. I watch the voltmeter as I fire the laser. The bank voltage drops momentarily after each pulse, occasionally by as much as 300v without faulting. It will fault to error 10 when it drops even lower. Anyone have any ideas? I adjusted bank voltage using trimpot at VR3. Is there another adjustment i can make elsewhere to remedy the error 10? My biomedical engineering expertise is very limited so if you are able to help please keep that in mind when replying. Thank you much! Also, anyone know where I can get parts for this laser if I need a new power board, etc?

RE: NIDEK - YC-1400
Updated  Oct 12 2020
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Lumenis - Smart Selecta Duet
E122 Energy Low Fail. Which card could be the problem?

RE: Lumenis - Smart Selecta Duet

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