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Added  Nov 21 2022
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Is the Co2 laser in Surelase is fractional and if we can use Surelase in skin problems like scars, acne and wrinkles??

Equipment: Clinicon - SureLase

RE: Clinicon - SureLase
Added  Nov 20 2022
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I need to reconnect the foot pedal wires (white, brown, yellow and green) to the 4 pin connector. Would appreciate if someone could tell me the pin/wire connection pattern. Thanks

Equipment: Cutera - XEO Platform

RE: Cutera - XEO Platform
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Please assist me...The Filter is not being recognised after I install it...and keeps asking me to put the filter in....which I have It then does not allow me to proceed with the treatment due to this PLEASE HELP RESOLVE THIS

Equipment: Lumenis - M22

RE: Lumenis - M22
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My M22 is not recognising I have put the correct filter in and now does not let me proceed with my treatment?

Equipment: Lumenis - M22

RE: Lumenis - M22
Updated  Nov 5 2022
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Hi Dears What's the meaning value in front of hv@60jhd? What is the relevancy between this value and TX parameter?

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - GentleLase Mini

Added  Nov 2 2022
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Error code 1010

RE: Cutera - excel V+
Added  Nov 1 2022
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Could you please email the PDF manual for Cutera Solera opus?

Equipment: Cutera - Solera Opus

RE: Cutera - Solera Opus
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Im looking fot VersaPulse P20 system's software

RE: Lumenis - VersaPulse PowerSuite P20
Added  Oct 19 2022
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Hi! If anyone want to sell his smartXide dot 1 ot 2 please contact. Warmly regards

RE: Deka - SmartXide DOT
Added  Oct 5 2022
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I understand that this indicates a CPU issue. Any ideas on how to proceed? Located in Tampa FL.

RE: Cynosure - Icon

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