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Added  Aug 11 2020
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Aerolase - LightPod Neo
I have a Aerolase Lightpod NEO that is coming up with a "No Aiming Beam Present" error. What is the first thing that I should check?

RE: Aerolase - LightPod Neo

GoldNSMS posted 2 days ago

Updated  Aug 10 2020
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Alma Lasers - Soprano XL

For soprano XL,do you know how to adjust the setting interface to increase the laser power under SHR mode? If somebody can provide the maintenance manual for this model, please contact me.

RE: Alma Lasers - Soprano XL

merry replied 2 days ago

Added  Aug 9 2020
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Cynosure - Apogee 40
hiya :) i purchased an older 1999 model, an apogee 40, step befor the elite came out and befor the mdx shot ndyag +alex same time. my first laser, cost effective, cant find a user manual :( tanky for any leeds!

RE: Cynosure - Apogee 40

kittysbelle posted 4 days ago

Updated  Aug 1 2020
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Coherent - 7970
Service29 on initial setting

RE: Coherent - 7970

Laserdude replied 12 days ago

Updated  Jul 15 2020
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Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE

I need to know is there a maintenance training on Gentlelase in your company?

Also, I looking for the manual of all Gentlelase categories

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

Updated  Jul 13 2020
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Cynosure - Vectus Laser
I desperately need the service manual for this laser.

RE: Cynosure - Vectus Laser

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

Updated  Jul 8 2020
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ZEISS - Visulas 532
After a voltage jump, the control console does not work. The "WD" error - red, STBY ERROR - yellow light is also on the board. I can't find the service guide. I ask for help.

RE: ZEISS - Visulas 532

T-Lobato replied a month ago

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Alma Lasers - Harmony Elite
Hi This is Marcelo, Could some body help me about what could be the cause of blowing up the fuse from the Switching circuit; i´ve already changed the capacitor bank, which the first appearence i´ve saw some leakage; I´ve tested the igbt transistor and it is all right; I ´m suspecting about the dump circuit but i ´ve checked the diodes and the transistor it seems to be Ok. Could some body help me if is there another test to do ? Best Regards.

RE: Alma Lasers - Harmony Elite

M2O replied a month ago

Added  Jul 1 2020
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Quanta Aesthetic Lasers - Thunder
Hello I need some help, I have been getting supply overtemp errors with some Quanta Thunders (Duetto's Successor). The problem occurs with the ALEX when the scanner attachment is attached (fast beats) and at 14 Hz (maximum). Then a "supply overtemp" error shows up, after the laser has shot around 3000 beats. First I replaced the thermo switch, which didn't solve the problem. Then I replaced the flash lamp which improved the voltage, but the error still occurred, so I tried replacing the charger. After all this, the error message still showed up. Can I get any advice on what to try next?

RE: Quanta Aesthetic Lasers - Thunder

GerhardInJapan posted a month ago

Updated  Jul 2 2020
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Lumenis - Selecta II
What does F40 and F56 mean?

RE: Lumenis - Selecta II

MedWrench Kari replied a month ago

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