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Updated  May 31 2023
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trying to find out if a service call is possible for repair/look at machine. parts readily availabe. thanks in advance

Equipment: lyra laserscope

RE: Laserscope - Lyra I
Updated  May 29 2023
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Hi, so we been using the machine and today when we wanted to help a client, the red laser on the pads dident want to come on, we changed to a different option type,we checked the fuses and still nothing.

The machine goes on and the count down works, but all 4 pads lights doesn't switch on.

Equipment: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo

RE: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo
Updated  May 27 2023
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what is fault 12.2

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - GentleMax Pro

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleMax Pro
Updated  May 24 2023
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Need service company familiar with the Sharplan 40 C in NYC area (zip 10304) Scott Vitolo 718-667-0890

Equipment: Sharplan 40 C

RE: Lumenis - Sharplan 40C Surgicenter
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Hello, I need the operation manual and clinical manual of this equipment, which can be sent to my email( Thank you very much.

RE: Quanta System - Discovery Pico
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I want know the best website sells a candela mini gentellase non refurbished 

Equipment: A candela mini gentellase

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleLASE
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Super basic question- I have an aftermarket Icon and cannot figure out where to plug in/attach the foot switch. Can someone help? thank you!

RE: Cynosure - Icon
Updated  May 18 2023
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What is the F46 error on Lumenis Selecta II laser and how do I resolve it?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

RE: Lumenis - Selecta II
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Getting this error. Any idea as to what causes this?

RE: Lumenis - VersaPulse PowerSuite 20w
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I am trying to reconfigure my Gemini Laserscope from 240v to 208v. I have flipped the switch on the back to 208 and have moved the labeled connection on the back right as well, but still get error 86. What other reconfig steps am I missing?

RE: IRIDEX - Laserscope Gemini

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