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Updated  Aug 8 2022
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Trying to repair my co2re. The aiming beam is not centered properly. I've got the thing opened up. Any advice on aligning the aiming beam properly? I'm having a tough time...

Equipment: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE

RE: Syneron-Candela - CO2RE
Added  Aug 8 2022
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I have an Elite ELMD with a dump error E16- dump always on. It is not the power supply causing this, since we have had it examined and it was not coding out other machines. What else could be causing this error? Any advice would be helpful. .

Equipment: Cynosure - Apogee Elite

RE: Cynosure - Apogee Elite
Added  Aug 4 2022
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The Laser unit I have has a problem where it does start up and get to the self tests, but then shuts itself down again (by the power contactor being opened), as it tests the NVRAM. If I hold the start key in the II position it does continue but doesn't get further than ROM CRC. I have the german version of the ROMs installed which have a line break error in the title text so I'm not sure if it passes the ROM test as the PASS text doesn't line up with the test items. The error it shows sais: "Fehler gefunden: 220 499 501" ("Fehler gefunden:" translates to "error found:") anybody got a clue as to what could be the problem? Or maybe a service manual available? The controller board inside my laser is the Coheren Medical Vegas Controller Brd ASSY 0627-812- (then on a paper label) 01 433

RE: Coherent - VersaPulse VP
Updated  Jul 25 2022
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Candela GentleYAG mini error 14 what about this error.

Equipment: Candela GentleYAG Mini

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini
Added  Jul 22 2022
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Anyone have a service manual

RE: Cynosure - Smartskin+
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Hello sir/madam Microruptor device taken to problem or error 07. (does not recognize system parameters) Please help us in solving our problem. Or ask for the manual or the recipe for solving the problem below. I will wait for your answer, thank you

RE: Meridian - Microruptor V
Updated  Jul 1 2022
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The problem is intermittent. More prevalent with smaller spot size

RE: Cutera - Enlighten
Added  Jun 29 2022
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Also looking for a user manual for the QuadraLase

RE: Syneron-Candela - QuadraLase
Added  Jun 28 2022
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Hi all! Can't find a pdf manual online for above laser - getting error code 71 Can anyone help? Thank you =

RE: Cynosure - Medlite C3
Added  Jun 28 2022
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Hi all! Cant find a pdf manual online for above laser - getting error code 71 Can anyone help? Thank you =

RE: Cynosure - Medlite C3

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