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Added  Jun 22 2022
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Hello, Our device's liquid scale has a problem. The values on the screen change randomly. I think there is a problem with calibration. Could someone help me about it?

RE: Solta Medical - Vaser 2.0
Updated  Jun 21 2022
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As soon as the key is turned on, while booting error 212 is displayed . What does this mean ? Thanks

Updated  Jun 20 2022
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I am looking to buy the laser handpiece AngioSpot for this laser machine

RE: Dornier MedTech - Medilas D Flexipulse
Added  Jun 15 2022
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What's error 6.4 and error 19.1 and what is the solutions for candela mini gentleyag?

RE: Syneron-Candela - GentleYag Mini
Added  Jun 14 2022
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after changing lamp how to clear the message "W71 replace flashlamps by 1.5m shots"

RE: Cynosure - Accolade
Updated  Jun 12 2022
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FH9 'D.7# error 10

Added  Jun 11 2022
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Cynosure Icon, less than a year old. I am having issues with the foot pedal. I can get about 2-4 shots before it seems to lose pressure and not refill with air. I have to manually disassemble the foot pedal and it will refill with air, then works for another few pulses. It seems like there is something in the tube (which I don't think is possible, there's no open ends) or there's an air filter that may need changing??

RE: Cynosure - Icon
Updated  Jun 2 2022
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does anyone have the harmony XL user manual

RE: Alma Lasers - Harmony XL
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Hello I had a question about this machine candela syneron elos plus I have this model mine give me error message like ( applicator sensor Over Temparature ID45 ) and no, it's the handpiece because I have 10 new ones and have tested a few and give the same result do you sometimes know which part gives this error that I can fix it please your opinion thx.

Added  May 30 2022
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Hi, I am very interested in purchasing the I Lipo Machine. Please let me know how I would go about purchasing this machine. Thank you very much

RE: Energist Ltd - Chromogenex i-Lipo

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