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Added  Aug 5 2022
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Wen i Starr a shot seems like everythinng is ok but never gets xray light on ( no error displsy)

Equipment: Siemens - Mammomat 3000 Novano

RE: Siemens - Mammomat 3000 Nova
Updated  Jun 24 2022
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Hello. Recently when we try to calibrate we received an error Error during exposure. The exposure sequance did not complete Scan: 1101:E77: SCAN BRICK ABORT NO EXPOSURE" and "Generator Error 51:Bucky error. And the same error we recieve when try to expose.

RE: Hologic - Selenia
Updated  Jun 22 2022
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can I have the mammograph performa mgf 110 user manual and the technical data like mA, typical exposure time etc?

RE: GE Healthcare - Performa
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Dedector faulty ( Lmam ) I'm dealing with Insparation siemens ... I found Dedector but there is no installation CD ... Any ideas on this ? Is there a special installation cd for each detector or can the detector be introduced with a single installation cd?? If so, does anyone have a calibration cd???

RE: Siemens - MAMMOMAT Inspiration
Updated  Jun 14 2022
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Hello, I received an error code yesterday. I am trying to find out why. Error code GDC OR GCD 14:49. Has to do with exposure. Help

RE: Hologic - Selenia 3Dimensions
Updated  Jun 3 2022
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Hi all Do we have a Doc or service manual that Give you the error codes on A Selenia Dimensions I getting errors DTC 33:14 and DET 8:65 this would be a great help if I could get Documents on this unit

RE: Hologic - Selenia Dimensions
Added  May 23 2022
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Please our mammomat 3000 will stat normal but when you try to scan it will error at where the KV figures appeared. Please can someone help

RE: Siemens - Mammomat 3000 Nova
Updated  Apr 6 2022
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Our system can't start. It reads "An error has been encountered starting the Aquisition Station, please consult the log files and restart. Also, previously the unit had Errors during exposure. It read: "Scan: 1031:E7: SCAN BRICK ABORT WITH EXPOSURE" and "Generator:1:M4 GENERATOR TIMEOUT - TECHNIQUE DATA MAY BE INVALID!" Does anyone have the Calibrationd and Service Maintenance manual or any document where we can check the error lists? If so, please send it froward to Thanks everyone

RE: Hologic - Selenia
Added  Mar 26 2022
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Anyone have a service manual to share?

RE: Hologic - 3Dimensions

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