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Hi Support,

I have a problem with my Biological Safety Cabinet.

The internal blower is not turning on. Everything is all installed and fine except that the damper actuator is missing from the installation list. Blower fuse is OK. Connections are OK.

What can be the cause.

Cytotoxic cabinet details; NUAIR, Model:NU-430-400E, Class II B2, LABGARD ES

Can anyone help me with some expert technical advice to solve my problem please.


Equipment: Biological Safety Cabinet - NUAIR NU-430-400E

RE: NuAire - NU-430-400E
Updated  Jul 23 2019
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I work in a university setting. I was fortunate to have a Microscan Autoscan 4 donated to the student lab. I was also given the user manual/guide. I have not been able to find any schematic or reagent list for the instrument in the manual or online. I need help!

RE: Beckman Coulter - MicroScan Autoscan 4
Added  Oct 7 2015
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Vitek2 software instalation log in problem

Any one can help how to log in to a newly installed software version 6.01 for configuration?


RE: Biomerieux - Vitek 2
Updated  Oct 8 2015
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I would be grateful if some one can help, we have Vitek2 compact as donation with new software version 6.01 we have installed the software but the software does not allow us with defalt log in therefore not able to configure the system.

your advice would be greatly appreciated

RE: Biomerieux - Vitek 2

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