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Added  May 27 2021
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Sinothinker SK2000A

RE: Sinothinker - SK2000A
Added  May 27 2021
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Tecan Hydroflex Microplate

RE: Tecan - HydroFlex
Added  May 27 2021
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Facility video

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Added  Dec 28 2020
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Please can i download the manual?

RE: Mindray - MW-12A
Updated  Apr 28 2020
1 Reply

Hello. Iam looking for the service manual for the Stat Fax 4200. Can you help?

RE: Awareness Technology - Stat Fax 4200
Updated  Jan 26 2020
5 Replies

I have problems with a Microplate Reader model Stat Fax 2100, this does not save the information, when you turn it off and on again it has restart the date and the data of the results disappears of the memory. What can you recommend to fix this fault?

RE: Awareness Technology - Stat Fax 2100
Updated  Dec 9 2019
2 Replies

Can anyone help with KC4 software and installation for Elx800 thanks

RE: BioTek - ELx800
Updated  Oct 8 2019
2 Replies

Keyboard does not work

RE: BioTek - Elx50
Updated  Sep 5 2019

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