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Updated  Feb 26 2023
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looking for new number plats that go on the stage. they are glued on

Equipment: Leica ATC2000

RE: Leica Microsystems - ATC 2000
Added  Dec 28 2022
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I need the service manual

RE: ZEISS - Opmi 6s/S3
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How do you switch between 110V and 220V on an Unico M250 microscope, please?

The bottom of the scope shows it to be switchable., and I need to use it at 220V/50Hz.

Actually, I am not sure of the model. It appears to be an M250, and the tag on the bottom says:

  • Series: H600
  • Input: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz Switchable
  • Lamp: Halogen 6V20W,G4 pin
  • Fuse: 250V1.5A @5x20mm

Many thanks,

Jeff Finger

RE: UNICO - M250
Added  Jul 31 2022
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My lcd painel is not working. So the pedals are not responding and I am not able to use the microscope. Someone can help?

RE: ZEISS - OPMI Lumera i
Added  Jul 26 2022
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We need Service Manual for touch Calibration.

RE: Alcon - LuxOR LX3
Added  Oct 20 2021
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I want to know the volumen and weight of this microscope. Thanks

RE: ZEISS - OPMI Lumera 300
Updated  Jun 9 2021
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The condenser on the microscope is not moving up or down it's stuck, what can i do? The model of the microscope is BX51 Olympus.

RE: Olympus - BX51
Updated  Jun 8 2021
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I have an Olympus microscope model BX51TRF the light is not coming on and when i measure the voltage it's only showing 2v that's reaching the terminals instead of 6v. Can you help please.

RE: Olympus - BX51
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We have an old Storz microscope Model M-790 in the practice. A repairman changing one of two bulbs put the wrong gauge wire in, effectively melting them and shorting the bulb housing control board. Now either the board has to be repaired, or the bulb housing needs to be replaced. Please advise.

RE: Karl Storz - m-790
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Nikon smz645 Stereo Microscope Are there replacement parts available from 3rd parties for these units. Has anyone had experience taking these apart and fixing them?

RE: Nikon Instruments - SMZ 645

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