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Alcon - LuxOR LX3
unit will not go past start up screen

RE: Alcon - LuxOR LX3
Updated  Jul 5 2020
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UNICO - M250
How do I replace bulb in my unico m250fl microscope? Is there an owners manual I can download???

RE: UNICO - M250
Updated  Jun 5 2020
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Seiler Precision Microscopes - 3D Assistant Teaching Tube
Hello, I'm interested in this microscope, with a ceiling mount and integrated or mounted camera and a video system, is that available. Shipment to Denmark?

RE: Seiler Precision Microscopes - 3D Assistant Teaching Tube
Updated  Apr 6 2020
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Nikon - Eclipse E600/E400
The unit's bulb was replaced after burning out. New bulb burnt out again was replaced again. Now a new bulb was placed in there and it is giving a dim pulsating light.

RE: Nikon - Eclipse E600/E400
Updated  Apr 28 2020
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ZEISS - OPMI Plus Colposcope
Does anyone have a source for manuals on this old dog, either Operator or Service? I sent a request for information to Zeiss Meditec but have not heard back yet. Thanks

RE: ZEISS - OPMI Plus Colposcope
Updated  Mar 16 2020
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ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100
Id appreciate advice from anyone with experience changing xenon bulbs in the Zeiss S100 xenon cartridge.

RE: ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100
Updated  Aug 26 2019
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ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100
Can I get a copy of the service manual?

RE: ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100
Updated  Aug 19 2019
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UNICO - G380
I have a new power supply and new socket and new lamp. I have 6 volts at the lamp socket and it will not light it. I have tried 3 lamps also. Any ideas?

RE: UNICO - G380
Updated  Jul 12 2019
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Leica Microsystems - DMLS
How do I adjust the two field of views to overlap? Currently the right eye FOV is slightly high and to the right.

RE: Leica Microsystems - DMLS
Updated  Mar 13 2019
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ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100
trobleshouting / pm

RE: ZEISS - OPMI pico/ S100

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