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Updated  Nov 28 2022
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I have problem with Rotary Microtome CUT 5062. The Error is H ERROR

RE: Slee Medical - Rotary Microtome CUT 5062
Updated  Oct 24 2022
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my machine does not turn off when it reaches the programmed temperature

Equipment: Microm - HM 505 E

RE: Microm - HM 505 E
Added  Sep 8 2022
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I have the Cryo3 Plus service manual but this machine is different. is is showing an Err:07 configuration error, I need the service manual to find out what it is.

Equipment: Sakura Tissue-tek Cryo3 FLEX

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Cryo3
Added  Jun 21 2022
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I need a servicemanual, please :)

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore AUTOCUT
Added  May 26 2022
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Hi partners!! Please could some share with me the service manual of Microtome cut6062 or help me with the screen's message "H error"? Thank you so much, bless

RE: Slee Medical - Rotary Microtome CUT 6062
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Thermo Shandon Cryotome E (620E). Does anyone know what the P5 error code indicates? It was in the micron setting window. I'm not sure it's an error, but I don't know what it indicates.

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Cryotome E
Updated  Feb 25 2022
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Hi, What is the approach to removing the coarse feed wheel? Any advise/help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore AUTOCUT
Updated  Jan 7 2022
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Hi dear someone told me about the specifications and size of the belt which is use for microtomes heads movement and rewinding it on 0 position for Shan don finesse 325 and any information to fix it thanks

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Shandon Finesse 325
Updated  Nov 11 2021
3 Replies

Hola. Me sale Error 003-011 en la pantalla y tengo que quitar todos los cables y probar a reiniciarlo varias veces hasta que arranca. Que puede ser?? Gracias.

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - HM 355S
Updated  Oct 21 2021
11 Replies

I need shandon 325 service manual plz share someone With thanks

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Shandon Finesse 325

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