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Updated  Apr 13 2021
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Leica Biosystems - CM1100
Hi Does anyone have the reference number of the belt of leica cm1100 cryotom.

RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1100
Updated  Mar 13 2021
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Thermo Fisher Scientific - HM 325
Has anyone go a service manual for the Thermo HM525 cryostat? (Must have selected the wrong instrument in the description and can't figure out how to change it)

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - HM 325
Updated  Jan 27 2021
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Leica Biosystems - RM2235
Sectioning thickness is not uniform. sometime sectioning is thick sometime thinner and sometime no sectioning coming out. We are using agarose gel 6% to hold the specimen instead of paraffin.

RE: Leica Biosystems - RM2235
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Thermo Fisher Scientific - Shandon Cryotome FE and FSE
Hi, I'm trying to change the "working temperature" and the message "error 1" comes up when I press the button. This error is "Err 1 denotes an invalid push-button entry, or if too many push-buttons are pressed simultaneously." But, I cannot change the temperature setting. Please help!

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Shandon Cryotome FE and FSE
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Leica Biosystems - HistoCore BIOCUT
Does anyone have a PM checklist (or other service information) for the Leica HistoCore Biocut?

RE: Leica Biosystems - HistoCore BIOCUT
Updated  Jul 18 2020
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Thermo Fisher Scientific - HM 355S
hi I have Microm HM355s and it show Motor err. on the plane and don't have any other reaction any body can help me or any body can send me service manual or SCH map or its electrical Wiring map...

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - HM 355S
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Leica Biosystems - Biocut 2030
Leica R-J Biocut 2030 - rubber feet - does anyone know the part number for the four rubber feet?

RE: Leica Biosystems - Biocut 2030
Updated  Apr 16 2020
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Sakura - Tissue-Tek Cryo3
I am unable to view manual. asks me to sign in.

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Cryo3
Updated  Mar 19 2020
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Leica Microsystems - RM2255
How to Reset Service Message

RE: Leica Microsystems - RM2255
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Diapath - Galileo Auto Series 2
Hi everybody. I Need help. I need service Manual for diapath galileo microtome. I have an error message. Error 251 motor feed. Help me pls.....

RE: Diapath - Galileo Auto Series 2

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