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Updated  Feb 14 2023
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My service manual is missing pages from the appendix, need svc manual

Equipment: drs2000

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek DRS 2000
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This is about an earlier model - the Dako Autostainer Plus, but this is the only forum currently available. A customer has a unit which pumps all of the waste into the “Hazardous” carboy, and none into the “Non-hazardous carboy.” Customer does not have any other complaint - seems to be working otherwise. I have verified that if I pour water into the waste reservoir (below the instrument sink) and connect 12VDC to the “Non-toxic” pump, it will properly pump out into the “Non-hazardous” carboy. I did note that there are four probes into the sink, which I assume to be for level sensing. Two of these are short, probably for overfill indication. Two are longer, but one appears to have lost some length due to corrosion. Does anyone have experience on this, or tech data they can share?

RE: Agilent (HP) - Autostainer Link 48
Added  Oct 7 2022
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This should be listed under "Histology Printer" (slide printers and cassette printers), as opposed to "Slide Stainer/Prep."

RE: Thermo Scientific - SlideMate AS Slide Printer
Updated  Mar 28 2022
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Good day! Does anyone know what shock absorber is used in Tissue-Tek Film (top cover)? Need oem number or at least characteristics of original part. Thanks!

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Prisma/Film
Added  Feb 26 2022
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I am creating a program but failed to give at giving clip color after following all the procedures to programming

RE: Leica Biosystems - ST5020 Multistainer
Updated  Feb 11 2022
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Does anyone have the service manual for the leica XL stainer?

RE: Leica Biosystems - ST5010 Autostainer XL
Added  Aug 25 2021
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Hi, we have an error code 11 on our VMS-C4 magnetic stirrer/hotplate from VWR. Please does anyone have a manual for this instrument or know what the error code means? Thanks!

RE: VWR - C4
Updated  Aug 17 2021
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I need the Service Manual for the ClearVue Coverslipper. Does anyone have a copy?

RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - ClearVue Coverslipper
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dear sir i have the 3 unit from sakura tissue tek prisma pluse and film and drs2000 i need the operating and service manual and i need consumable as roll film and strainer and other please advice best regards

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek Prisma/Film

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