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Added  Apr 6 2024
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How often does the smaller filter that attaches to the machine filter need to be replaced? It maybe a fluid trap.

RE: Stryker - Neptune SafeAir
Added  Jan 8 2024
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Customer said this failed during procedure. Changed filter a few weeks ago. 

I found one blown fuse at main power inlet. Replaced fuse but still nothing.Wiring looks good and Internal fuse Ohmed good as well. 

Display and all buttons no responsive on power up    

Reading 30V across main on/off switch  

Would like service manual and any thoughts. 

Maybe power inlet burned out or possibly the board??

RE: Buffalo Filter - PlumeSafe TURBO Auto-Sense
Updated  Aug 30 2023
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Where can I get a service manual for a Pfizer valley lab force fix?

Equipment: Valleylab - Pfizer AirForce

RE: Valleylab - Pfizer AirForce
Updated  Apr 18 2023
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Where can I download the user manual

Equipment: Buffalo Filter - ViroVac

RE: Buffalo Filter - ViroVac
Updated  Feb 15 2023
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does anyone know where a person can get a new or rebuilt motor for the above smoke evac. system?

Equipment: Buffalo Filter 604 smoke evacuation system

RE: Buffalo Filter - Porta PlumeSafe 604
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Does anyone have a service manual for this unit? We are trying to order replacement filters and need the part number.

RE: Conmed - 1000 SES
Updated  Dec 14 2022
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It is not working there is a red light thru an emblem that looks like a box with an x thru it what does this mean

Equipment: Buffalo Filter - ViroVac

RE: Buffalo Filter - ViroVac
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need contact details for local supplier in UAE for edge smoke evacuator. need big boy filter

RE: Edge Systems LLC - S.A.F.E. System
Added  Apr 2 2022
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Looking for replacement filters for smoke evacuator BFE2009

RE: Edge Systems LLC - S.A.F.E. System
Added  Apr 8 2021
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I wanted to know if this works for plasma pen that generates smoke please

RE: Eschmann - Smoke Evacuation 83-800-01

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