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Added  Feb 26 2021
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Has anyone changed the lid seal on the Rexmed RAU 530 before. Do you undo the nut in the centre of the undersurface of the lid to loosen the plate. I cant get the old seal out.

Updated  Feb 24 2021
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Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Hi everyone, can anyone provide me with a Service Manual for a 533HC steam sterilizer.

RE: Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Updated  Feb 23 2021
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STERIS - Amsco Century V116
Has anyone got any good ideas for this alarm? Not passing Dart test .

RE: STERIS - Amsco Century V116
Updated  Feb 19 2021
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LIARRE - Zeus 15 and 23
Good Afternoon, I'm a french distributor and I have a request from an old client who has a Liarre sterilizer. But I don't have a service manual so do you still have one? Thank you very much in advance! It will be very helpfull for me! Best regards, Antoine Fritsch

RE: LIARRE - Zeus 15 and 23
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Barnstead - Harvey MC8 and MC10
In order to understand the way of functioning the sterilizers I would like to find a manual describing the self-cleaning process of the sterilizers. would it be possible to get this information. Thank you

RE: Barnstead - Harvey MC8 and MC10
Updated  Feb 9 2021
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STERIS - AMSCO Century V120
Can I get a list of instruments/equipment that is NOT approved for sterilization in this model?

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Century V120
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Getinge - GSS67N
We had an argument with the supplier regarding replacing the Getinge Sterilizer door gasket, is it a spare part should be replaced FOC during warranty or Consumable should be paid. Any one can advise.

RE: Getinge - GSS67N
Updated  Feb 5 2021
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STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000
Component Failure

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000
Updated  Jan 26 2021
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ASP - Sterrad NX
HI When I turn on the unit, a message "No signal" is displayed on the touch screen, then the screen turns off even though the device is running, meaning the power is on. I hope to know what caused the problem. Thank you

RE: ASP - Sterrad NX
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ASP - Sterrad NX
Hi, my unit is having problem when running. Cycle will cancel during chamber pumpdown, either with load or no load. During diagnostic test, all test passed. Could you please advise what could cause this error and how to solve this issue? Thank you.

RE: ASP - Sterrad NX

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