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Updated  Jul 20 2021
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I have a Lab tech vertical autoclave, model LAC 5060s, the machine is not reaching it's set temperature for sterilization, therefore it's not completing the all cycle. What could be the problem?

RE: LabTech - LAC  5060S
Updated  Jul 14 2021
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Hi everyone. I have a 433 HC with the following problem: when the steam boiler starts to filling, when reaches the hight probe stops, and the contactor is energized and start to heat up. At this point is normal, but, the problem starts a few minutes after, when suddenly the led FAULT in the control board of the boiler light up and turn off the contactor, then light off and the contactor is energized, and then the FAULT led is light up and cuttoff the contactor and the situation goes on and the steam is not produced. What do you think the problem is? Thanks in advance

RE: Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Updated  Jul 12 2021
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we have one RAU-750 Auto clave and it has issue of triping of power breaker and some time fuse burn durning dry and steriliz cycle . can some one guide the issue as there is no physcal sighn of shortcircuit.

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Hallo, I have problem. This autoclave Mocom Millenium B stay 1 year without working . 3 days ago it had problem with errors a260- I clean chumber filter- was realy dirty, 2 sterilisation process was good, and now it has h410 error. The chumber filter is clean now. It has also realtime clock baterry low, I'm waiting for new one M48T86PC1. Anyone knows??

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Hi everyone, can anyone provide me with Service Technical Manual part# 61301606091 for 433HC/533HC steam sterilizer

RE: Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Updated  Jul 7 2021
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error keeps popping up once out of five cycles ..sometimes first cycle ..others afternoon checked electrode dry 4095 when its wet drops under around 60 pump works ...still keeps popping up ....anybody else have this same support said replace the electrode ...well i did so this is a new electrode now he said replace the pump ..did not give me that warm and fuzzy feeling that he knew what was going on ...the pump is working ...needing some help...

RE: Tuttnauer - EZ11 Plus
Added  Jul 5 2021
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The door to the bravo autoclave is not able to be closed. What should we do?

RE: SciCan - BRAVO
Updated  Jul 5 2021
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I ask the utilisation or maintenance manual of matachana 21ED.

RE: Matachana - MINICLAVE 21ED
Updated  Jul 4 2021
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I need modify cycle parameter table.

RE: Belimed - MST V 6 Series
Added  Jul 4 2021
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The device has stopped working high temperature reader Temperature 950°C I want to know the location of the emergency temperature sensor

RE: CISA - Series 640sv H

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