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Can someone please help with this issue? it makes a popping sound like the water is hitting hot Coils in the boiler.

Equipment: SKYTRON Steam Sterilizer 215

RE: Skytron - Integrity 215/215SG
Added  Feb 26 2024
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Would someone happen to have a service manual? for a 215

RE: Skytron - Integrity 215/215SG
Added  Feb 24 2024
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My tuttnauer ez11 plus shows no water after starting.  I have determined the issue is the water pump.  I was wondering if anybody has experience with the water pump delete kit.  Just wanted to see if it was worthwhile or replacing it with an oem water pump is better.  Cost is the same.


Equipment: Tuttnauer - EZ11 Plus autoclave

RE: Tuttnauer - EZ11 Plus
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Hello, could anyone assist with the issue highlighted below?

User reported that after attempting to run preheating program the service indicator came on resulting in a lock out. Matachana was contacted and unit is yet to be unlocked. In the user profiles for unit does not show "pending repair" option to disable the current state according to what should be expected in the operator's manual. Equipment cannot be used as a result of activated service mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Added  Feb 12 2024
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Life Science,

i have worked on the Amsco 3000 series for a while and i do have some suggestions,  you can contact me at

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Eagle 3000
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What is the disc in the rear of the chamber(inside) and how am i supposed to get the temp probe form teh cal kit passed it?

RE: Tuttnauer - Elara 11D
Added  Jan 30 2024
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would appreciate the service manual for this sterilizer Thanks

Equipment: SV-120

Added  Jan 26 2024
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Can you help me with the password for maintenance and configuration!


RE: Steelco - VS 2-3 Series
Updated  Jan 19 2024
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When I run the sterilizer, the display temperature is out of range (37 °C) and the pressure stops at 260mBar. Consequently, I get the error message E22. The compressor air pressure is fine,  the vacuum pump is good, and there is no leak. 

Any idea of what I can do to fix it. Thanks, 

Equipment: Sterilizer 3m Steri Vac 8XL

RE: 3M Health Care - Steri-vac 8XL
Added  Jan 20 2024
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Need the SM ; to access and change Date to correct year..

Equipment: Tuttnauer - 5075HSG D-Line

RE: Tuttnauer - 5075HSG D-Line

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