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Updated  Mar 18 2023
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I have getinge 533hc, it display an error CE door not closed, and the steam boiler not working

RE: Getinge - 533HC-E
Added  Mar 18 2023
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The device is out of order, and l need the service manual

Equipment: Getinge - 533HC-E

RE: Getinge - 533HC-E
Updated  Mar 1 2023
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do you have copy of an operating manual i can download?

Equipment: tuttenauer 2540M

RE: Tuttnauer - 2540M
Updated  Feb 27 2023
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Broken heating element/coil?

RE: Tuttnauer - MLV
Updated  Feb 20 2023
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Any idea on where to find Harvey Chemi Clave filters- order part 261569

RE: Barnstead - Harvey Chemiclave MDT EC6000
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Hi everybody, does anyone has the service manual where I can find the part number for the door gasket? I have a 255 smart one. Thanks in advance

RE: Getinge - Autoclave Castle Smart 555
Updated  Jan 22 2023
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Hi all engineers here. So i need some help from you . I have equipment getinge 500ch i would like to how to do calibration for it . Please explain to me how to do it

Equipment: Getinge - 400/500HC Series

RE: Getinge - 400/500HC Series
Added  Jan 13 2023
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Has anyone encountered liquid H2O2 on steripeel or wrapped items after being processsed in a V-Pro max2 . Leak test good, all parameters with in spec, no leak at SV4. I have a V-Pro max 10 ft away and it performs perfectly. Thanks

Equipment: STERIS - AMSCO V-PRO maX

Added  Dec 24 2022
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Can anyone walk me through proper steps in turning on the back up boiler on?

Equipment: Getinge - 533HC-E

RE: Getinge - 533HC-E
Updated  Dec 22 2022
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Hello. I am having a problem with the sterilizer not completely drying the items. I have checked the filters which were not clogged. The gasket was recently replaced prior to my arrival. Thank you.

RE: Midmark - Ritter M11

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