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Updated  Aug 3 2022
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Do you have a pm sheet for this

Equipment: Pedigo - 750

RE: Pedigo - 750
Updated  Jun 22 2022
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Has anyone ever done a rebuild on a p8000 Hydraulic cylinder. Thanks

RE: Hillrom - P8000 Transtar
Updated  Jun 15 2022
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What is wheel size? What is ball bearing size?

RE: Midmark - 530
Updated  Mar 9 2022
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I have an issue where my sub assembly won't extend and the motor just over drives itself, it will collapse when given the comand to but just wont extend or stay extended with the manual release closed. originally i had suspected i was low on fluid as this was a repair based on a massive leak with the reservoir cover. part of me is suspecting it may be the A or B valve but its hard to say.

RE: Stryker - Power-PRO XT
Updated  Feb 10 2022
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Does anyone know if the base label (big long grey label along the sides) is a spare part and what part number this is? It isnt in any of Strykers service manuals. Thanks Mike

RE: Stryker - Prime X
Updated  Aug 31 2021
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Anyone have any tips/tricks for separating the hydraulic from the top bar? It always gets press-fitted over time and is a beast to separate .

RE: Stryker - 1015
Updated  Apr 19 2021
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Why the scale reading are big different (more than 4%) when weighting at the lowest position and the higher position for the stretcher. The reading is more accurate at the higher position. I cannot find any "reminder or Precautions" in the operation manual. Thanks for your reply.

RE: Stryker - Prime X
Updated  Jan 13 2021
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the weight reading is big different when sit on head side( 84kg) and foot side (90kg). We have re-calibrate the scale, but no improvement. How can I do?

RE: Stryker - Prime X
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I'm not sure if this is the correct section, as technically this isn't about the stretcher itself, however I don't see a separate category for the power-load system. We have a few of these that need re-programming of the Angle Position Sensor for the load arms. Stryker has been unwilling to supply the software information necessary. I've tried hooking up a computer to the USB port, and it connects properly to the UART in the power-load trolley to do serial communication, but I'm unable to get the trolley to respond to any inputs. Does anyone know if there is some form of button combination to wake up the serial communication? Or have access to the software needed to do this sort of work? It's pretty frustrating that we can fix almost anything on the stretchers or the load systems with the exception of calibrating this one sensor.

RE: Stryker - Power-PRO XT
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My brothers and sisters, I need some help. I am trying to assist my company with writing a sane policy for use of bariatric stretchers on NON-bariatric patients. I have been googling my brains out but cant find any information. Last week, I had to transport a 118 pound male on a Stryker MX-Pro Bariatric stretcher due to reasons. With him sitting directly in the middle, none of the straps fit him properly. There was more than eight inches of open space between his body and the edges of the stretcher (on both sides). If we crashed, there would be no way those belts would protect him. I couldnt even keep the shoulder restraints on his shoulders. He actually joked that this must be whats like for women when their bra straps fall down their arms. Now the questions... Do any of your agencies/ departments/ companies have policies preventing normal sized patients riding on bariatric stretchers? If so, are there any references I could use to help annotate this proposal or can you think of any other places I can look? Is there any chance I could get my hands on a copy of any of these policies? Thanks and stay safe out there!

RE: Stryker - MX-Pro

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