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Updated  Feb 20 2018
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Does anyone have a service manual/parts list for this stretcher? Thanks

RE: Midmark - 545
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How to replace fowler cable on Mac Medical 1001 stretcher

RE: MacMedical - PT-1000 Stretcher
Updated  Jan 12 2018
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Looking for a Service Manual for a Stryker 1005 (SM104). Can find SM204 manuals all day, but nothing on the SM104. Any help would be appreciated!

RE: Stryker - M-Series
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i need a service manual ? is their one on this page !!!

RE: Hillrom - Surgical
Added  Oct 16 2017
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Preventative maintenance should be performed at a minimum of annually. A preventative maintenance program should be established for all Stryker Medical equipment. Preventative maintenance may need to be performed more frequently based on the usage level of the product. CHECKLIST _____ All fasteners secure _____ Siderails move and latch properly _____ All casters lock with brake pedal engaged _____ All casters secure and swivel properly _____ Inspect each caster and remove any wax or debris which may have collected on the caster or braking mechanism _____ Steer function working properly _____ Fowler operates and latches properly _____ Gatch operating properly (Optional equipment) _____ Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg operates properly _____ Ground chain intact _____ No leaks at hydraulic connections _____ Hydraulic jacks holding properly _____ Hydraulic oil level sufficient _____ Lubricate where required _____ Body restraints working properly _____ I.V. pole intact and operates properly _____ Oxygen bottle holder intact and operates properly _____ No rips or cracks in mattress cover _____ Accessories and mounting hardware in good condition and working properly _____ No excessive play in the drive handles _____ Press the handle switches - unit should not move unless the handles are pushed forward or pulled back _____ Press the handle switches - move the handles forward and back and verify the unit responds properly _____ Confirm battery powered functionality _____ No cables worn, pinched or frayed _____ Power cord and plug are free of damage _____ All electrical connections tight _____ All grounds secure to the frame _____ Ground impedance not more than 200 m© (milliohms) max: Test point(s) include electronics enclosure and motor chassis mounted to base of unit _____ Current leakage not more than 300 ¼A (microamps) (per UL 60601-1) _____ Batteries sufficiently charged (Optional scale system) _____ Display housing intact and not damaged (Optional scale system) _____ Load cells intact and not damaged (Optional scale system) _____ Scale calibrated properly. Recalibrate, if necessary (Optional scale system)

RE: Stryker - Prime X
Updated  Aug 30 2017
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We have one stretcher that has become weak and won't lift 250 lbs. It's not the battery, It acts like it's a limit switch or something.

RE: Stryker - Power-PRO XT
Updated  Aug 8 2017
Updated  Mar 13 2017
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Where can I find service manual with parts list for this stretcher.

RE: Stryker - M-Series
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I can't find specifications that show the shipping weight.  I had 400 lb.  A freight carrier is trying to say it was 1,053 lb.  We know that's way off.

Thank you.

RE: Stryker - 1061 Gynnie

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