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Is there a service manual for the Zeiss eye mag pro and the titanium frame carrier system?

RE: ZEISS - EyeMag Pro
Updated  Sep 19 2019
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Hello, does anyone has schematic for the wiring of the 4 pin connector that goes into the battery pack? The cable has 4 wires - blue, white, black and brown. Thanks

RE: Enova Illumination - XLT-125A
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The Welch Allyn 490 Green Series Minor Procedure Headlight frequently has problems with the DC power connector at the end of the cable which attaches to the battery. Upon requesting information from Welch Allyn tech support on a source for a replacement connector, I was basically laughed away. So in an act of vengeful kindness I did a bunch of research, and here is the information on the correct replacement connector. It is manufactured by Switchcraft. model: 761KH datasheet: link to product on mouser:

RE: Welch Allyn - Headlight

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