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Updated  Mar 29 2023
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My problem started about 3 months ago. I get a call that the dual light in one of my OR rooms is acting funny. When the light powers on it starts in the number 3 intensity, then after a couple seconds it jumps both touch pads back to 0. Once it does it the first time and you put it on the desired intensity level, it stays until the power is cycled again. So 3 months when trouble shooting I noticed if I unplugged the #1 light from the shared board, the #2 light started working like it was supposed to. I changed both boards and finally found the touch pad on the #1 light was causing the issue, but I’m still not sure how. It worked fine for 3 months. Now the #1 light has started doing the same thing again. I replaced both boards and touch pad with no results. I’m wondering if anyone else has I countered this problem as tech support says they have not. Thanks for any help.

RE: Skytron - Aurora 3
Updated  Mar 24 2023
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The 40K hr indicator light is on for my Aurora 3 lights. Is there a way to reset it?

RE: Skytron - Aurora 3
Updated  Mar 11 2023
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I am trying to find the service manual for this surgical light and cannot find it, I am trying to find out of the light has higher settings and how to use them. Thanks Michelle

Equipment: medical illumination Centurion

RE: Medical Illumination - Centurion
Updated  Jan 30 2023
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May I have the part number for the "parallel compensation rod?" Please and thank you.

Equipment: Berchtold - Chromophare F 628

RE: Berchtold - Chromophare F 628
Updated  Jan 17 2023
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dear All i need the service manual to repair the lamp . I hope in your helps .best regards

RE: MAQUET - Lucea 100
Added  Nov 29 2022
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Hoping someone has the install manual for the Amsco Quantum light so I can see how to remove the lightheads from the unit.

Equipment: STERIS - AMSCO Quantum SQ-240

RE: STERIS - AMSCO Quantum SQ-240
Updated  Oct 27 2022
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How to change the BULB

Equipment: Berchtold - Chromophare D 300

RE: Berchtold - Chromophare D 300
Added  Oct 25 2022
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Any chance that somebody still has a copy of the installation manual for this system? I would greatly appreciate it if you did. Cheers.

RE: STERIS - Harmony LC
Added  Oct 24 2022
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Wiring diagrams

Equipment: Skytron - Aurora II

RE: Skytron - Aurora II
Updated  Oct 15 2022
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Need wall mounted details

Equipment: Dr. Mach - 130F 130

RE: Dr. Mach - 130F 130

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