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Added  Jan 5 2021
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Berchtold - Chromophare E 558
Hello I need to order the board C1-324-3 V1122-022 001 of BERCHTOLD CHROMOPHARE E558 LED MOBILE; Best regards

RE: Berchtold - Chromophare E 558
Updated  Nov 17 2020
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Medical Illumination - MEDI-SPOT SPOTLIGHT
Hello, we have a Medi-Spot spotlight and the base is broken where the lamp normally sits. Is it possible to purchase a replacement base? Is there a Canadian distributor? Thank you

RE: Medical Illumination - MEDI-SPOT SPOTLIGHT
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Medical Illumination - Centurion Excel

The model number of the unit I have is 021515 - it is a two light unit. I have tested both bulbs, both lampholder assemblies and both fuses. They all work properly (I have swapped them from one head to the other). The voltage measures the same on both heads where the lampholder assemblies plug in. So I am finding nothing wrong, but neither bulb or lampholder assembly works on one of the heads.

RE: Medical Illumination - Centurion Excel
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I've been called in half-way thru installation of Hanaulux London dual head light. The selling physician has no documentation & the decommissioning electrician didn't make any notes. Might anyone have this documentation to share?

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Burton Medical Products - AIM-50
Dear Experts , I am facing problem for dissembling my double arm ceiling surgical light. Model is burton A53DC. I want to dissemble part by part. I am facing difficulties in detaching the arms .There are some washers called safety washer and retain rings . IS there any easy method to remove these washer s?. since it is very thin and congested ,i can not even insert a nose plier .If any one have experience in this , kindly advise me . I am dissembling it because one of the arm lights are not getting ON . I suspect some cables damaged .I need to trouble shoot other things also. Dissembling make my job easier so that i can keep it on floor and continue my investigation .

RE: Burton Medical Products - AIM-50
Updated  Aug 31 2020
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Heraeus - Hanaulux 2000 Series
Where to find service manual?

RE: Heraeus - Hanaulux 2000 Series
Updated  Aug 18 2020
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Berchtold - Chromophare D 300
I am trying to download the cut sheets and manuals for the Chromophare D 300 but every time I download it, it is extremely blurry. Can someone email me a clean copy.

RE: Berchtold - Chromophare D 300
Added  Aug 6 2020
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Brandon Medical - Galaxy Ultra LED 30
Has anyone got anchor plate / flange fixing holes measurements for brandon galaxy ultra plates? Thanks

RE: Brandon Medical - Galaxy Ultra LED 30
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STERIS - Amsco Examiner 10
Is there a stop for this? How does it prevent the head from continuously spinning and pulling the connectors off the bridge? Does anyone have a tech or maintenance manual?

RE: STERIS - Amsco Examiner 10
Updated  May 6 2020
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MAQUET - Blueline Series 30
Can I order the necessary parts to mount the Maquet SA Blue 30? The lower unit has been donated to us, here at project CURE, but without the ceiling mounting bracket? If so, what is the cost?

RE: MAQUET - Blueline Series 30

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