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Added  Nov 13 2020
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Slee Medical - MTP

Good afternoon. Can someone have the Service Manual available? The equipment cannot work with battery. The batteries are in good condition and receive charge, but no work when main power loss. Thank you

RE: Slee Medical - MTP
Updated  Nov 13 2020
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Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP E300
copy of operating manual?

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP E300
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I have seen this in two of the new AI versions of the Sakura Tissue Tek VIP 6 AI: In manual mode, when the rotary valve is at a wax station or at the Xylene Cleaning station (station 16), it doesn't seem to want to allow a pump-in. I waited while it heated the retort and the rotary valve and gate valve - it appeared to heat both valves to 70C to 71C, and the retort to the proper temperature (~63C), but wouldn't let me initiate a pump in, no matter how long I waited. In programmed mode, or in a Clean Cycle, there was no problem. Has anyone else seen this? Also, does anyone have a PM form newer than version 1 from 2012 (especially one for the AI version) and/or a service manual (new enough to cover the AI version) that they can submit?

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Sakura - TISSUE-TEK Rotary Tissue

The image shown here is actually a Sakura Tissue Tek Xpress X50 Tissue Processor. I think that the Rotary Tissue Processor is a much older machine, similar to a VRX-23 Tissue Processor.
The description at the top describe the rotary tissue processor, but the features listed at the bottom appear to describe the XPress tissue processor.

RE: Sakura - TISSUE-TEK Rotary Tissue
Added  Oct 2 2020
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Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP E300
Hello we have a problem on the vip E300, which we have never seen this kind of problem is that sometimes the vacuum cleaner sucks water from the water container, it is not always but sometimes it is to say instead of the air emptying from the water container it sucks it in

RE: Sakura - Tissue-Tek VIP E300
Updated  Sep 23 2020
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I need an electrical circuit (schematic) or service manual for above unit. Please can someone assist me?Thanks.

RE: Tissue Processor
Updated  Sep 16 2020
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Leica Biosystems - TP1050
Is a user manual for the tp1050 availabie?

RE: Leica Biosystems - TP1050
Updated  Aug 18 2020
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Leica Biosystems - TP1020
for download service manual of lieca tissue processor

RE: Leica Biosystems - TP1020

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