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Added  Mar 22 2023
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I have an issue with my system. After I power up the ultrasound machine, a blue screen with error information appears on the screen as problem detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer and also disable or uninstall any anti-virus, disk defragmentation, or backup utilities. Can you please assist me in troubleshooting this particular error?

Equipment: Philips - ClearVue 350

RE: Philips - ClearVue 350
Updated  Mar 22 2023
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I need a maintenance manual

Equipment: My lab 50

RE: Esaote - My Lab 50
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How can i resolve thus please sirs. Can enybody send compress copy of the system cd to me please.

Equipment: Hitachi 5500 "

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - HI Vision 5500
Added  Mar 21 2023
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What does Diagnosis Code 001 stand for? Happened after a message stating “system reached critical limit” and a clean was attempted. Thanks, Any manual distribution for this device would be very helpful too.

RE: Philips - EPIQ CVx
Added  Mar 20 2023
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I would like to reload the software on Siemens S1000 but i don't have a service manual for procedure. Can you help me? thank you

Equipment: Siemens - ACUSON S1000

RE: Siemens - ACUSON S1000
Updated  Mar 20 2023
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Hello, I would like to Know if its possible to clone the HD to another SSD and normally boot up. Also, my equipment has become noisy. Should I replace the coolers to new ones ? Thanks

RE: Philips - HD11 XE
Updated  Mar 17 2023
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Hello, I have this alpha 6 that doesn't boot up. It is just stocked on the prosound logo and pa el continues to glow yellow and blue lights

RE: Aloka - ProSound Alpha 6
Updated  Mar 16 2023
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What is the service password

Equipment: Vivid 7

RE: GE Healthcare - Vivid 7
Updated  Mar 15 2023
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I have reloaded the 1.5.8 SW on our Epiq 7G and the system now says my serial number is 0000000000 and all the original options have disappeared. Has anyone had a similar experience and knows how to get the serial number back?

RE: Philips - EPIQ 7
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I have a problem with "Add exam" on the Vivid E90 after changing dataflow. I changed the dataflow "Remote Archive - Remote HD/DICOM Server" to "Worklist/Remote Archive - DICOM Server/Remote HD". The worklist connection works because I see the patient list from the worklist server. But when I clicked on a patient and clicked "Add Exam" I got this message: "The selected patient could not be loaded. Check data flow and archive access". I tried restarting the device, check connection but still the same problem. Does anyone know where the problem is? As I said, the patient list is printed correctly, the connection to the worklist server should work. The previous dataflow works without problems (Remote Archive - Remote HD/DICOM Server).

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Vivid E90

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