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Updated  Feb 21 2024
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Hello friends, Our device does no turn on. Stays on "CHECK SIGNAL" screen. Where might the problem be?

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson 730
Added  Feb 21 2024
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How do I get the fetal weight during obstetric scan 

Equipment: Siemens - SONOLINE Adara

RE: Siemens - SONOLINE Adara
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Hello everybody.   I have a problem with my USG VOLUSON E6.  There is no sound on the speakers, whenever I want to listen to a baby´s  heart sound, there is no sound, I already check the speakers itself and the volume, looks ok,  but I can´t hear anything, is there anything else that I can do?


Equipment: VOLUSON E6

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson E6
Added  Feb 19 2024
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manual técnico de serviço

Equipment: VIVIDT8 PRO

RE: GE HealthCare - Vivid T8
Updated  Feb 18 2024
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I have ie33 cart a when open in page software error the system halted in bluepage anyone can help me to solve it some time open but afew minutes then error system halted again 

Equipment: Philips - iE33 Echocardiography

RE: Philips - iE33 Echocardiography
Added  Feb 18 2024
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J´ai une machine HITACHI EUB 8500. On n'arrive pas à voir  le rapport sur le poids et l´age de la grossesse et la date de l'accouchement.

RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - EUB 8500
Updated  Feb 17 2024
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I have voluson s10 bt16, with 3 probes (3d abdominal, curved abdominal and 3d vaginal)

Recently i have a problem that during examination and after unfreeze there is hyperechogensity that it is not possible to examine the patient and see and details of structures. It stays for a couple of seconds then improve gradually till it back to be normal again.

The problem is the same across the 3 probes. 

What it might be ? And how can i fix it?

Equipment: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10

RE: GE HealthCare - Voluson S10
Updated  Feb 17 2024
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hello i need software for hd 5 anyone can help me

Equipment: Philips - HD5

RE: Philips - HD5
Updated  Feb 16 2024
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please can you help me I need software for ACUSON X150

RE: Siemens - Acuson X150
Added  Feb 14 2024
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We have an Aloka prosound alpha 6 model IPF 1701B ultrasound. We are looking to start high level disinfecting this item. Have Tristel HLD wipes been approved? Where in the IFU does it discuss options? I found a list of appropriate disinfectants for Aloka products, but didn't find my model. Thank you for any help. 

RE: Aloka - ProSound Alpha 6

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